Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's good to have friends

10/13/09 Tuesday

We had some decent rain last night. Not a lot, only about an eight of an inch showed up in the rain gauge, but it’s got the ground wet. So I’ll be running the tractor disking up the soil in preparation for planting grain rye. Al and Wally spent the whole day working on our house and the more they discussed what to do and how to do it the more grateful I was for their help. They understood things that would have never occurred to me. It was a long day and they didn’t quit till 4:30. Today they plan to come back and finish up the inside of the wall after Al goes to his doctors appointment. It is so good to have friends like this and we are grateful for them and all the others in our church family in Midland. God has blessed us in so many ways. Evidently Al put the water system in for the Stanton church so we talked about that a bit. I still reach out to them and always will till God is honored.

Someone sent an email regarding a place I can get firewood in Midland so I need to go check it out. It’s late in the year to get wood as it needs to dry and cure but we’ve got at least a cord already so it should be fine by the end of the cold season. Even if it’s not there’s plenty of dead trees I can access for firewood so we won’t go cold. Regardless I’ll cut what I can cause if I can’t use it this year I sure can next winter.

They used "concrete" siding to repair where the house burned. It's interesting stuff and fireproof, in addition to being inexpensive. Eventually we will have to reside or do something with the house as the siding is old and in some places rotting. This looks like this would be good stuff to use for that. Being fireproof has a definite appeal to me. So does being inexpensive and the fact that it lasts a long time. I wonder if it can be put right on top of the existing siding? We're thinking of using some inside to protect the wall from the heat of the wood stove.
Posts are short lately. I suppose that’s because I’m busy. See ya.


Nate~ said...

Rob, I put a ad on craigslist for you regarding that you were looking for firewood in hopes that you might find some to get your stockpile up

Bob said...

wish I'd known that. Had several emails about my "craigslist" ad that I never read and deleted as spam because I knew I didn't place an ad.

Nate~ said...

I had messaged you on facebooks instant messanger the last time you were online and said that I was going to if you didnt mind, oh well

Bob said...

Never saw it. Or don't remember if I did.