Friday, October 09, 2009

What I feed on

10/9/09 Friday
It’s a chilly morning with a breeze and humidity to drive the chill home. Cherie’s knee was extremely painful this morning and she had a hard time walking to the truck so that has me concerned. God will heal. The cold front coming in brings out all these pains in both of us. We start our days out in prayer now. This is something new and a sign of my renewing faith. I’m enjoying listening to bible teaching on GLC this morning. This is also indicative of the restoration of my faith. We both prefer to have this type of programming on the TV versus much of the other crap you find. I’m tired of feeding my mind that which is not positive. It’s all who killed who and how along with who’s screwing around on someone else and lots of other really not wholesome happy stories on much of the television. And that’s entertainment? I’ve experienced all of that in real life and am tired of it. Peace and quiet are what I crave and joy is a wonder I enjoy more than ever before, as in my entire previous life. Life is short even if you live to be a hundred and I choose the life I have, as we all do. So I choose to feed on what is enlightening and healthy and avoid that which sucks one back into an unhealthy environment.

So there’s my morning thought processes. There’s work to be done always. The task of the morning is to choose what is most important to do and plan my day to accomplish those goals. I will contact GLC on behalf of Ron Charles this morning, thanking them for having him on and inquiring about what it takes to be a regular programmer on the station. That would be good. Then I need to contact the Texas Rehab lady and make sure they didn’t drop the ball again regarding getting me assistance in starting this business up. There’s plenty to do outside but I don’t have to get out and “beat the heat” because the weather will be nice. So I’ll spend the morning writing and emailing. That works well because my mind is generally sharper in the morning versus after spending a day out in the heat doing physical work. There are so many times I think I’ll come in and write after working outside only to find I’m exhausted and in pain so don’t.

One of the things I am forced to do is to recover everything I lost when I tried to upgrade my blog and add the “Follower” widget yesterday. Every link I had is gone along with other things like “Statcounter” and the Blogflux button. It will take me a while to figure out what’s gone and recover it. This kind of stuff is frustrating and stressful for me as I work to comprehend what I’m doing.
I picked up mail and some burritos for lunch. Took Rascal and Trixie with me cause they love to go for rides in the truck. We got more cards from people expressing their thoughts regarding the loss of my dad. We’ve gotten a lot of these and it’s touching. I’m not used to people caring this much. After coming home and eating I cleaned up around the house some, then went outside to work. That didn’t last long. I’ve got another bad headache and can’t blame it on weeds because I haven’t been around them today. So I’m back inside where it’s not so bright. I got the space heater out this morning. It’s the first time we used it this year. It’s been pretty cold the last couple of days. Carman kitty comes and lays on my chest all the time because it’s warm. He’s getting pretty old so the cold gets to him more. Right now all four of our inside pets are on the bed with me. This headache is not at all convenient.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about peace and quiet!
I also know about those aches and pains when the cold air comes. I love cold weather, but it doesn't like my joints at all!!
Sorry you are still having issues with your blog and links. Maybe Eric can give you a hand with that. He is very computer saavy!
Wish I could help, but I'm pretty much have a read and write ability...any problems I'm blank on that. Rob was the computer guru here. So now I just have to wing it!

Bob said...

I muddle through, learn how to do things, but the next time I must learn it all over again because I don't remember what i learned before. But I get through. After getting a bit upset.

Jeff said...

Prayer helps, Bob. You are in ours ... please keep us in yours.

Bob said...

Will do Jeff. Always appreciate prayers and I'm starting to pray more these days as my faith restores. Have I met you? I'm not good at remembering folks but know your a regular reader, or at least have commented more than once.