Friday, October 23, 2009

Reinforced enthusiasm.

10/23/09 Friday
I loved the meeting with UTPB yesterday. It reinforced my enthusiasm and belief in what we plan to do with this farm. The guy I met with got excited when I unveiled my concepts to him. It’s a complex plan to say the least that involves several businesses tied up into one. He gave me a list of things to do so I’ll get on that. He also pointed out that the RV park and campground would produce an immediate revenue stream so suggested that should be an initial focus. Considering that it takes five years after planting before most fruit trees begin producing harvestable crops it’s a good idea to have that source of income. There were many other areas and suggestions that came out during the meeting. I’ll talk about that later, maybe.

In the meantime I’ve got work to do. I bought six hundred pounds of grain rye seed yesterday, along with ten pounds of Bermuda grass seed. They had two types of Bermuda, one for lawns and the other for pasture that grows taller. I got the lawn type and will go online to learn more about it. One thing I want to know is when it should be planted, now or in the spring.

Plus I got the parts I need to tie in the irrigation plumbing so that needs to happen. Then I’ll be on the tractor disking up the land in preparation for the rye seed. Today the Farm Bureau is having their yearly banquet/business meeting so Cherie and I will go to that this afternoon. I’ll dress nice. Used to be I wouldn’t bother dressing nice thinking “I’m a farmer so my clothes get dirty every day. If they have a problem with that, tough”. It’s all part of the social skills that I continually learn and improve on. Never been one for putting on a front but I’m learning that what people think of you is important and, wrong or right, they do judge on outward appearances.

So it’s work time folks. Enough chit chat. Bye.

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