Thursday, October 15, 2009

Going to UTPB today

Here's another of the foggy morning pictures I took yesterday. Do you like this one or the one from yesterday of the pump jack better? I guess it's vote time for your favorite picture.

10/15/09 Thursday
It’s going to be a busy morning and, for that matter, a busy day as well. There’s not a cloud in the sky and the temperatures are low, with the high maybe making it to 80. I had hoped to disc the entire five acres while the ground was still wet but it was pretty much dried out by yesterday.

I’ll need to buy some more of the paving stones to complete where the woodstove goes. We bought the stones three years ago, I think, and hope Lowes still carries them. If they don’t I’ll figure something out. Worked on trying to piece what I had together for a few hours yesterday before I gave up. Only need two more stones to finish the job.

At 11:30 I’ll be going to Odessa to take a class at UTPB on how to do business with the State of Texas, and perhaps the federal government too. This is a vital class for us and what we plan to do with this farm. Still need to make a run to the landfill too so am debating doing that this morning or waiting till after the class. Probably should do it this morning because odds are that after the class I’ll be worn out. So that’s it, time to get out to work.

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