Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today I meet with UTPB business development

10/22/09 Thursday
Today is the day I meet with the University of Texas small business development center. That happens at 2:00. I’ll spend some time this morning printing up material to take with me. It’s a shame the new battery for this laptop won’t work because it would be advantageous to take it with me. The battery is fine and shows as fully charged but doesn’t seem to be able to power the computer. I haven’t come close to replacing all the research lost when the other hard drive crashed but I’ve done a lot.

We got a half inch of rain yesterday and another quarter inch or so during a brief intense rain last night. That’s all great and means I need to get the tractor fired up and disc everything up again. It would also be a good time to plant the grain rye, I think. I’m never sure about stuff like that. The weather is nice and cool so it’s a good time to get out and work. But this morning I’ll focus on business plan stuff. Gotta go.

By the way, check out my "whataboutbob" blog. I've made a few entries concerning the rise of Islam and what they are doing within our government, or at least trying to.

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