Thursday, October 15, 2009

U TPB wasn't there

3:00 – It’s been a day already. When I loaded the trash for the landfill on the truck I noticed this strange line of clouds on the horizon. By the time I had the truck loaded and was on the way the line had gotten much closer and I could tell it was moving at a pretty good clip. So I had to take pictures. I took Rascal and Trixie with me to the landfill. They love it. The storm, or front I suppose you would call it, was interesting to be in. The clouds were twenty feet off the ground and moving at quite a pace just above our heads.

I picked up Cherie’s truck to drive to the college seminar in Odessa, leaving mine at her work. Getting to the UTPB Center for energy and economic development building I went in with my notebook, eager for the class. I checked with the information desk and several individuals but no one had a clue about the class. NUTS!!! So I went out to the truck and called Cherie to have her go online and see if she could figure it out. She looked and looked and finally, in a comment section, saw that the seminar was not at the CEED building but on the main campus. This was not mentioned anywhere in the online communication I’d had. I’ve never been to the campus and had no interest in driving around lost when I was already going to be late so that ended that. Real frustrating. The other events had all been at the CEED building.

I picked Cherie up and we went out to lunch at the La Mission restaurant we both like so much. She’d just got her paycheck so it was our go out to eat something nice moment. We had a great time. After I dropped her off at work and picked up my truck. Then it was off to Lowes with the hope of finding the same style stone after three years. We are in luck, they still carry it.

Came home, checked mail in Stanton. Our CRP check came so that’s always good. Cherie and I will sit down and determine how to spend it. But I’m tired right now so will take a nap.

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