Thursday, October 13, 2005

101305 Thursday

10/13/05 Thursday
     Woke up slow. Hate when that happens. Maybe shower and breakfast would help. I remembered I was to help Cherie get to work on time by fixing breakfast but she didn’t want any. She was on her computer looking at Trellix web, the website builder software when I got up. I made some coffee and poured a glass of orange juice to take my pill with. Cherie asked me to pour her a bowl of cereal and then to iron her T-shirt. She was still running late leaving at a time where if she made every light and there was no traffic or police she might make it to work on time. It’s not good to always be in a rush. I think it would increase the likely hood of an accident.
     I don’t have anything scheduled today which works with me being slow. Yesterday I put lots of stuff on paper mapping out the website. Now I just have to figure out how to do it. As I slowly work thru writing this I think of a good way to organize my work on the site. I will make a folder for every room so I can fill it with the contents of that room. Pictures, writings and all.
     I think I will hit the shower to see if that speeds me up. The ears ringing thing is back along with the dizziness. …….The shower didn’t help. Still slow but I remembered Cherie asked me to wash the towels. That’s pretty amazing for me to remember that when I am this slow. I will fix something to eat now. AND put the laundry in the middle of the room so I don’t forget it. I need to use the timer so when it goes off I remember I got stuff in the machine.
     I took the trash out, intending to look in on the laundry when I came back. That thought was gone by the time I got outside. When I came back in Fred was waiting. He just kinda made conversation asking about the weather and if I had anything planned.      He never got around to asking me to take him out of his cell and I’m not doing well at all. “Fred, I’m not doing well and am going to lay down” I told him. I had every intention of doing just that but when I went to make this entry saw I had laundry downstairs. I had turned off the timer, confident I would go after the garbage. Better go right now.
     Cherie just left to go back to work. I am always happy to see her. Kinda like the sun coming out when she walks in the room. The timer beeped so I went down to get the laundry. Using that timer helps a lot when I am slow. Still there and may even be worse than this morning. Sinuses are working over time so maybe that is contributing to this. Now that I think about it I think I have been forgetting to take aspirin for hours now. Headache won’t let me forget long.
     It is 2:30 now. I am still doing poorly. When I got up to reheat the coffee I had warmed up an hour or so ago and forgot I had a hard time walking. The headache is getting worse. Guess I will take a Tramadol and my second pill. I heard the microwave ring so I better get the coffee before I forget.
     4:05. It’s a good thing I use a pill minder cause I never took the seizure pill. I checked it to see if I had. Still real slow. Walking like I am tipsy with an occasional stumble. Going to get the Tramadol now and back to bed. Might shut the blinds to darken the room.
     It’s 6:30. We just got back from Subway where we went for dinner. I am at the level that I had Cherie drive. Real slow. I have a hard time walking and have to be touching something so I don’t start to topple.

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