Thursday, October 27, 2005

102705 Thursday

10/27/05 Thursday
     I started out OK. Cherie left a list of things for me to do. I appreciate that and have been encouraging her to do that as long as we have been together. It helps me get things done because if it is not written down it won’t happen. I just put sheets in the washer and then set the timer. With this short term memory loss that is necessary. Otherwise I just simply no longer realize that I’m doing laundry at all. The timer is a valuable tool. I have been slowing down this morning. There is much I need to write about the last few days. It is nearly 12:00 and I have not eaten yet. I did take a shower.
     I am physically tired. Walking the stairs up three floors from the laundry room was hard. Shouldn’t be. I was going to cook eggs and sausage this morning but just poured a bowl of cereal. Not doing good at all. Moving in slow motion.
     I got all the chores done. It is 8:24 right now. I am still a little slow but not as bad as earlier. When Cherie came home I asked if she was doing ok and was relieved she did not have anymore chest pains. I don’t mind admitting I was scared. We ate the dinner I fixed and are relaxing now.
     I called Allen earlier to see if he would like to see the movie Doom. Allen told me he hadn’t slept in three days which I have heard from him before. I told him he sounded awful chipper for someone who had not slept in days. This bothered Allen and he started dancing. “Oh I haven’t slept for days. I’m really worn out” he told me with a lively voice. He knew I knew he was doped up and was defensive as well as kinda belligerent. He told me he is going to a concert tomorrow so I said “Your finances are better now. Huh?” At this point he said he would have to call me back regarding when we can see the movie. He never did so I will call him tomorrow. He is one of the few I call a friend and I will do what I can to help him get free of the pills. It will be hard because of his pain but mostly because I know how addictive Oxycontin is. Allen is taking way more than needed for his pain. He saw how that drug and the heroin it led to destroyed my life four years ago. I will do what I can to help him but know it will be tough.
     Cherie and I went to the park to walk as we are trying to do more often. I was still slow and not walking good but that is OK. We both need to get out and exercise. I didn’t take the camera this time and of course the deer were out. They have no fear and we walked right up to them. They did not even start when a jogger would come running by with his headphones on, not even noticing the three deer. Cherie talked to the deer as she does and it was a peaceful time. I love being out in nature.
     It’s 11:00 at night now. Of course this is when my brain decides to wake up. Wish it would work when I want it to. Brain damage is no fun but I do good considering how much of it was destroyed.
     I got an E mail from Virginia. Minnie Lee is doing well for 99 years old. Larry showed up because Linda had called him when she called me to tell me how bad Minnie Lee was. He always grates on Virginia and makes M.L. nervous. A typical alcoholic.
     I think I will call it a night. My back has been killing me all day and sitting at this computer aggravates that. Time to publish this and go to bed. I didn’t get much done in the way of writing and website construction. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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