Friday, October 07, 2005

The rest of Thursday

Sharon asked me to dig up info on lawyers who are suing Glaxosmithkline aver Paxil. I got almost a book of stuff I printed up for her. Lots of bad stuff about it. She will have to call the numbers herself as I can’t apply for her. Local lawyers seem to be as clueless as all the doctors she has talked to. Glaxo is still doing a good job of covering this up despite several lawsuits being settled. They are the number two in the nation regarding the sales of antidepressants at a billion or more a year. I think that if I take this pack of info to the lawyers we will fine one to take the case.
     I got Barb to LMHA and she was done quickly. I called Fred because he had told her he wanted to take her to Crissey Rd thrift shop for the free old bread. I know that they don’t get the bread in till 12:00 or so if it comes in at all and I didn’t want to take Barb home and pick her up again. Fred seemed to have forgotten that and Barb didn’t want to go sit at Fred’s for three hours so I gave the phone to her so she could tell him. I then took her home and came home myself. Fred never called for me to take him and I didn’t call him either cause I feel it a long way to go for stale bread.
     I ate lunch. Had the last enchilada that Cherie had made a couple of days ago. It was damn good. (pardon the French) A nice thing about short term memory loss is I didn’t remember what it tasted like so got to enjoy it for the first time again. I am tired which is to be expected when you get up at two in the morning. The brain has been in good shape all day. I think it is time for a nap but first I want to call Jim Davidson at probation to see if I can hurry this getting off probation thing. Tried earlier but it was busy.
     Alright, that puts some bounce back into my step. Just talked to Jim and he told me the completion papers are done and he just put them on Julie’s desk. He said something about the judge already seeing them. I’m not sure what that means but it is good. Maybe I will be a free man soon. I am still tired but may work on the website because the brain is not bad. Got to use it while it is there. Either that or the Bible study.
     Tried the website but it is confusing at the moment. Probably should take that nap.
     I laid down but I couldn’t go to sleep so I turned on the TV and on PBS there was a history program that was covering the war of 1812. This returned many fond memories of the historical 1812 reenacting I did at Fort Miegs. I really miss it but couldn’t do it anymore.
     Then I began to think of this getting off probation thing and wonder. Do I dare get my hopes up? I am kind of afraid the hammer will fall, like it did so many times before. Can’t let my guard down.
     I finally got up and decided to take the garbage out. Actually I was walking to the kitchen and saw it where I had put it this morning and had forgotten about it so off I go. My legs seem strangely weak, probably because I was laying down. I’m still not up to speed but not to bad. I would say about a five or six. I took my second pill, one of the 100 ml. ones, at 1:50.

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