Monday, October 17, 2005

101605 Sunday

10/16/05 Sunday
     It’s 2:23 and I am just now turning on this laptop. We’ve had breakfast and gone to church. They had an older woman as a guest speaker and she was surprisingly good. I had sat down because of discomfort of the back as I usually do. Hope others don’t think I am having faith issues or something because I don’t get up and clap and dance. I do have faith issues as most do but it has little to do with my demeanor in church. Any way I was studying Balaam in Numbers 22 and the speaker caught my attention as she got down to basics. Usually when I get into reading Bible stuff I stay focused on the subject and don’t pay much attention to the speaker.
     Of course that is what I do, focusing on one subject at the expense of others. As I was writing I realized that I had been in the middle of making meatballs when I turned on this computer. That was a while ago. Time to get to the kitchen before I get distracted again.
     It was a good day and we were busy, I think. Can’t remember much other than a nice walk at Swan Creek Metropark with Cherie and that the meatballs were real good. My sense of taste was doing one of those peaks where every flavor is pronounced and distinct. I did not have a slow down and yesterday was good also. Perhaps even the day before but I will have to look at earlier entries to see.

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