Tuesday, October 04, 2005

10305 Monday

10/3/05 Monday
     I am tired this morning and the headache is not too bad. Poor Cherie had a rough morning as the hot flashes were particularly bad. I am sure that is a big factor in making her emotional. She was running late and didn’t want to go to work and was almost crying when I kissed her before she rushed out to work.
     I woke up thinking about the Bible study with a particular verse on my mind that fits in well. I am operating at about a 7 this morning and made some changes and additions to the study in a fairly rapid manner. Love it when the brain works. I called Jeff so I can return his book with the study. I doubt he will present it to the home group because it doesn’t fit in with their book and is not as gentle as they like. Rocking the boat is generally avoided there and some truth they may not want to hear. I don’t know and it is improper for me to judge them in this so I apologize in case any of them read this. Who am I to speak of these things. I am Balaam’s ass as found in Numbers 22.
     It’s 1:30 now. I am tired and slowing down. It has been a long day already and I wish I had the energy that I used to. Today started with me taking Ahmed to the 280 fuel stop where his truck is parked. When I went out to take Jeff’s book and the Bible study Ahmed was trying to charge up his car. We talked a little about the car and when he would need my jack to replace the starter. Then he asked me for the ride. I took him to the bank at first and then back to the apartment because he forgot something.
     As I waited out front Fred came out looking very confused at why I was there. I rolled down the window so he walked to the car. He asked why I was there, what was wrong, did I go to Wayne’s yet? I explained that I was going to take Ahmed to his truck. Fred is not real happy and bitched about the car idling and wasting gas. Then Ahmed came out so that pleasantly ended the conversation.
     I dropped the book off at Jeff’s work and then went to the storage unit to pay the rent. After that I hit the turnpike to get Ahmed to his truck. The conversation with him was uncomfortable and disturbing. He asked me about Mia, the girl who lives below us. He said he had seen her and thought she looked good. Then he asked me if he should go out with her. I just looked at him and said I don’t get involved in stuff like that. He brought the subject up again asking me how he could approach her and that he wanted a relationship with her.
     It was when we started talking about his Moslem religion it got strangest and scary. I will have to fill this in tomorrow. It is 10:30 and I am worn out. I slept for three hours this afternoon and never got my second wind. This will be the first night I didn’t publish this on the blog. Think I will retire now. Cherie and I are still so much in love after being together two years we still look at each other in wonder and get teary when we hug. All the love songs I used to think were sappy now move me. Good night.

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