Thursday, October 20, 2005

102005 Thursday

10/20/05 Thursday
I woke up cloudy and with a headache. Am moving in slow motion. I looked at the calendar and it tells me today is when they have the MS luncheon. Hope I get better by then. I got out of bed to take my pill and use the restroom. I feel like crawling back under the covers. Carman kitty crawled under the sheets. He hasn’t done that since last winter so it is a sign it’s getting cold. I really don’t notice the cold much, just the heat.

Still slow. I called Wayne to let him know about the MS luncheon. I am still shuffling when I walk cause the right leg is not there this morning. Last night I couldn’t publish to the blog from word and never did figure it out. I think I will try now despite not being up to speed.
I don’t have a clue what I did but after thirty minutes of poking around I finally got yesterdays entry posted. I think this happened before. I am still slow and will be leaving in a half hour to get Wayne. I think I will leave early because I will be driving carefully.

I hate being out in public when I am slow. I picked up Wayne and headed to the restaurant for the MS luncheon. There was no one else there so we sat down and waited. Wayne could tell I wasn’t “feeling well” and said he understood why I had been crabby a lot lately. It is harder lately for me not to have patience or tolerance or whatever it is I need more of.
I was having a hard time keeping up with Wayne’s conversation getting distracted and having a hard time following the train of thought. We went ahead and ordered wondering if we should have come here at 11:30 instead of 11:00. Some others began to come in and asked if we were with the MS group.
As more people came, tables were pulled up to each other eventually reaching four. (I think) With each table came an increase in the amount of information my brain had to process and I was less able to keep up. I pretty much retreated and just sat there with my hands folded, listening to learn what I could. I would ask a question on occasion but don’t remember what about. I got Wayne to fill out some release forms for a study but didn’t know what the forms were till later. There was a pretty big group. I only recognized one girl, the one that has a muscle control problem that made simple things like eating a battle. She is a sweetheart and really an inspiration. Next to her my problems are nothing but she fights on, refusing to bow.
I was pretty much nonfunctional and glad to take Wayne home. By now my ears are ringing (as they are now as I write this) and I really can’t listen to Wayne as he talks about everything and drive also. I just focused on the road and Wayne’s voice just kind of became background noise. It was a good thing cause some guy stopped at a green light to let some little old lady cross the street. I hit the brakes hard and that stopped all conversation.... For a second; and then it was Wayne unloading his mind and me wanting to listen and help but having to focus on the road.
I was glad to get him home. I took his bag that contains all the paperwork he owns into the apartment, intending to go through it, organize it, and pull out the stuff pertinent to his social security appeal. I tried to concentrate on that simple task but Wayne couldn’t stop talking and ask questions despite me asking him for a few minutes. I could feel the frustration coming up and was pretty slow so I told Wayne I needed to go home.

Now I am home and don’t think I will do much for a while. OH yeah, for the record incase I forget, I slammed the car door on my finger at Wayne’s and just got the tip of it. I had to put on a band aid. I hate being slow.
It’s 8:38 now. Cherie made some chili which we enjoyed while watching TV on the bed. After that Cherie just conked out and started snoring when Alias came on. I got up and put the left over chili in a Tupperware bowl and then in the fridge. Cherie is starting to cook like Bob, making way more than two people will eat at one setting. Chili is better as it ages, at least up to the point it spoils.
We’re done for the night.

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