Thursday, October 27, 2005

102505 Tuesday

10/25/05 Tuesday
     Right now I am at Burger King. It is 10:45 in the morning. Fred’s car is across the street getting it’s winter check up and oil change. Cherie called in sick to work this morning. She is hoping the medication she got from the doctor will start helping. She has a bump in her wrist and the pain hinders her job. I asked her if she told the doc about it when she went yesterday. She said no and then started telling me how she can only talk to the doc about what she set the appointment for. I got upset and told her to call the doctor right now and set an appointment. I know Cherie and suspect she isn’t telling the doc stuff because she doesn’t want to be the cause of financial drain. That I can’t allow because medical conditions only grow if not treated, turning into a monster. It is also usually easier and cheaper to catch something early.
     Well Fred’s car is probably done so I suppose I should walk over there and see. First I want to note that this is a hot spot for my wireless. It is cool to be sitting at Burger King and check your E mail. I looked at some blogs and found one that interests me so I bookmarked it.

10/26/05 Wednesday
     Today I take Fred and Barb around. It is always fun when they get together. Now I’m being sarcastic. Sometimes it’s ok but not usually. I see that I did not get far with yesterdays entry and I know why. Cherie was home all day and that pretty much takes up my mind because I love being around her and we do things. We went to Swan Creek Metro Park and walked. I took the camera and told Cherie that we would see deer. Sure enough, as we walked the path strewn with the falling leaves, admiring nature and the speed of change two deer ran across the path ten feet in front of us. I was fumbling to get the camera out and Cherie started calling “Here deer” in her talking to the cat voice. That did nothing to coax the deer closer though they did stop and kind of look before they continued the journey.
     3:51 PM. I am at Toledo hospital with Cherie. When I came home from trucking Fred, Barb, and Dawn around I saw her car in the parking lot. It was two something so I know she is supposed to be at work. I go in and find Cherie laying down on the bed. She had started having sharp chest pains while driving from lunch so came home. She wasn’t feeling good still and the pain had turned into pressure. I took her to the emergency room here and now we wait. They have taken an EKG and blood. The RN or doctor explained that if there was a heart attack the dead cells release enzymes that can be detected in the blood. I am keeping Cherie cheered up best I can.

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