Sunday, October 09, 2005

10905 Sunday

10/9/05 Sunday
     It is a beautiful day. One of those days when the weather was as if you had ordered it. The sky is a pale blue with clouds so far off they look like a distant mountain range. It is 45 degrees out and the high is expected to be only 57. The temperature is one that is perfect for our different body abnormalities. I have an altered body temperature control mechanism from the brain damage. Where I used to thrive in the heat it now beats me down. Now I am comfortable in just shirt sleeves while others wear coats.
     Cherie has her own problems with the heat. Her hot flashes from the change of life are intense and leave her weak. At work it kills her when she is testing bottles and can’t leave her post, other wise she can go to the 40 degree room which helps tremendously.
     It will be crowded but I think I can handle it. I took some of the herbal stuff that helps me stay clear.
     We are back from the Apple Butter Festival. It was a hoot but wore us out. After paying $6.00 to park in somebody’s back yard we headed back too the Maumee River. To get to the bridge we have to cross U.S. 24. Here is the first hoot. For those who are not familiar with it U.S. 24 is a high traffic highway with only one lane in each direction. There are police cruisers with lights on in the middle of the road and there are five and sometimes six officers out on the highway directing traffic.
     It was a strained kind of coordination as they all tried to stop or direct traffic in a way that would not send cars careening into each other. “Hey Rodger! Go ahead and send them through.” “No Wait!” said the woman who would eventually take charge and direct everyone. As I watched I thought of the cops directing traffic I had seen in Chicago. There you had one man handling massive numbers of cars coming from all directions. Here is a commentary on the human factor. One man can do more than five who despite them all sharing the same goals can’t truly coordinate. We get across the highway and on the bridge. Now we can see across the river and there is already a crowd.      


Never finished writing about that. Slow and tired out. We went to look at sunset at the Masonic parking lot like we do. They had something going on so we weren’t comfortable because we knew we stood out and didn’t belong there. We went to the new video store that just opened but most of their stuff was DVD which we don’t have except in this laptop. I hurt from the festival. Can’t write good right now so quit. I tried to work on the website but couldn’t. Got confused easy, brain kinda froze up, real frustrated. Done. Good night.  

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