Thursday, October 27, 2005

The rest of Wednesday

I filled in some of Wednesdays entry so here it is to make that day complete.
I see that I did not get far with yesterdays entry and I know why. Cherie was home all day and that pretty much takes up my mind because I love being around her and we do things. We went to Swan Creek Metro Park and walked. I took the camera and told Cherie that we would see deer. Sure enough, as we walked the path strewn with the falling leaves, admiring nature and the speed of change two deer ran across the path ten feet in front of us. I was fumbling to get the camera out and Cherie started calling “Here deer” in her talking to the cat voice. That did nothing to coax the deer closer though they did stop and kind of look before they continued the journey.
     Today I take Fred and Barb around. It is always fun when they get together. Now I’m being sarcastic. Sometimes it’s ok but not usually. I picked up Fred and we headed over to get Barb. She had four bags of cans she was going to turn in for the aluminum. I had told Fred a while ago that I would no longer take Barb in for the cans because she got less than what the gas cost to drive her there and because her lack of money was due to the drugs.
     Dawn came with us as she sometimes does. I listened to her and Barb talk as I drove and heard Barb telling Dawn about how she had to turn on her TV by putting her finger in the hole where the switch used to be. Dawn asked Barb why she got rid of her good TV and I looked in the mirror to see Barb shrug her shoulders and give Dawn a look that said “You know, be quiet”.
     After turning in the cans for four dollars I drove them to the Trilby church for their food handout. I asked Barb how her TV was working and she said “Fine”. When I got them home I carried a bag of groceries in for Barb even though she was trying to get them before me. Walking in her apartment I see the nice 24” television she bought new just a few months ago was gone, replaced by the old funky one that used to be in her bedroom. “Where’s your TV Barb?” I asked. “Right there” she said so I said “No, the good one.”. This set her right off so she told me the good TV was in the bedroom and that I should mind my own business. I already knew it wasn’t in the bedroom because I could see in when I put the bag of groceries down. She knew she was busted.
     Fred took us out to Red Wells as he often does because Barb talks him into it. Barb wouldn’t say a word to me, even when I asked her directly “How you been?”. I waved my hand in front of her and said “Earth to Barb, come in please” and got a “I’m doing fine”. I didn’t want to get Fred all upset so I held my peace about the TV. I know what happened to it. The same thing that happened to her other new TV’s, grills, bike, and everything else that gets stolen. It is amazing how someone can crunch a TV up and fit it into a crack pipe and then Poof, it’s gone. Just went up in smoke.

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