Friday, October 14, 2005

101405 Friday

10/14/05 Friday
     This sucks. I woke up worn out again. Cherie said she was up about ten times last night having to pee. This is a sign of something but I don’t know what. I am sure this contributed to my being tired this morning but I think there is more than that. Cherie has been fighting off something and she is sneezing and coughing and her sinuses are going. I haven’t been that bad but the headaches may be from sinuses or made worse by them.
     I woke with a headache so need to take something for it. I am not real slow but my head feel like it is pressurized and that makes it harder to think. I still lose my train of thought and have to figure out what I was going to write next. That’s right, going to see Jeff.
     Jeff didn’t make it to the Waffle House this morning. I called him after I finished my coffee. He had been up but it just slipped his mind it was Friday. He said he could get out of his robe, dressed, and be there in five minutes. That would be nuts and I really didn’t feel like putting him through that so I said “Hey Jeff, it’s not that big of a deal, how about we meet next week.” That worked well and is what we will do.
     I ordered breakfast and looking into my wallet saw I only had four dollars which just covered what I ordered. I told myself I need to immediately stop at the bank and get some cash. That was gone when I walked out the door. I went and picked up Cherie’s check and called Barb to see if she was up and still wanted to go to the church. She never answered so I headed home. Right when I turned onto Airport Hwy. the phone rang and it was Barb. She said she was up and ready to go but when I told her I would be there in fifteen minutes it was “Oh! I’d better get dressed”. I told her to get anyone else going up and ready.
     When I got there she was at Dawn’s door. She let me know that Dawn would be out soon and asked if I wanted some coffee. “No, we need to get moving.” I told her so eventually they both made it to the car. Barb had called yesterday and told me Dixie was hearing voices again and not coming out. I had advised her to call Dixie’s case worker. Forgot to ask about that but Barb said she couldn’t get Dixie up or didn’t want to go.
     I got them to Pilgrims Church and stayed in the car, enjoying the cool air and radio as I fought the tiredness and worked on ignoring the headache. I thought about all kinds of things to do and pondered problems of the world. Hell, I may of come up with some great answers and concepts but if I did it’s gone now. I’ll be positive and pretend I did do all that. Who knows, the deepest thought I may have had as I waited in the parking lot was wondering about the cat I saw in the upstairs window of the building across the parking lot.
     Dawn and Barb made it out so I popped the trunk so they could load it. They get a lot of stuff here. I tried to get Wayne to go but he was up till 3:00 in the morning feuding with the guy upstairs. I heard more about that later, when I talked to Sharon.
     I don’t know when but I called Sharon this morning and she actually answered the phone. I was half afraid she would hang up or still be mad but she wasn’t. I apologized to her and she said it happens and she was not upset. That was a relief and Sharon then said that she had the phone off the hook for days and had just turned it on this morning. I asked about bringing the Paxil Papers over but she wasn’t presentable so maybe later. Now I know when I called her. It was here in the apartment before I left this morning. As I write about it I became able to unlock the door behind which stood this memory. That is the purpose of this journal, to give me the keys to unlock memories.
     I got home and knocked on Fred’s door to give him a dessert Barb got from the church and wanted me to give him. Fred was glad to have company and wanted to talk. He asked me how I was doing so I told him we were fighting off something. “What, your fighting with Cherie?” Fred said. “No Fred, we’ve been sick” I exclaimed loud enough for Fred to hear but he still didn’t understand so I made it simple for him. “We’ve got the flu and I don’t want to give it to you so I have to go.” I said and headed up the stairs.
     We don’t have the flu, at least I don’t think so. It’s probably a bad cold. I don’t know but I have not been doing well for a few days (I’d have to check earlier entries to know for sure) and walking has been particularly hard for me. It’s 2:29 right now. I am not real slow like yesterday but not real speedy either. I’m running at a 6 right now. I think a lot of it is this cold or whatever and the increase of pain levels in both my back and my head.
     I laid down about an hour ago when Cherie went shopping and to deposit her check. Oh yeah! Cherie came home for the day at lunch. She is getting sick to the point it affected her work and they asked her if she wanted to go home. When Cherie was telling me about it she was laughing because of the antics of one of her coworkers. I think her name is Debbie but can’t be sure. It is so good for Cherie to work with people who are comfortable and fun to be around. This is a big part of her regaining confidence, trust, and self esteem. To be around others who accept her and can be trusted, coupled with work that is stimulating and rewarding is just what the doctor would have ordered. We are blessed.

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