Friday, October 21, 2005

102105 Friday

10/21/05 Friday
     I woke up fairly clear headed. Went to meet with Jeff at the Waffle house. We talked about what I’ve been doing and then we talked about some scriptures Jeff had been memorizing.
     I just got home from there but am having a hard time writing this right now. This is one of those quick slowdowns that was preceded by an equally quick headache. I just took my pill and the vitamins Cherie set out for me. There’s a good chance I will go back to bed. I took the garbage out because it was smelling pretty bad.
     When I got home from meeting with Jeff and picking up Cherie’s check Fred came out to talk. He asked if we got our paper delivered to our door cause he had seen it in the mailbox. I told him no but Cherie probably picked it up on her way to work. Fred started working himself up telling me several times “That’s not right. You tell them your paying to have your paper delivered to your door. Call them right now.”. I said I would and managed to walk backwards up the stairs as he kept on about it.

It’s 11:17. I just checked my e mail and did the eight or nine surveys or whatever it was. Hard to do when I’m slow. Answering questions is tough for me at these times. I have to look at five or ten potential answers and then look back at the question because I forgot it. I forgot to take something for the headache so will grab some aspirin. Probably some Tramadol also. One of the surveys I did was for 20/20 on caffeine. It talked about headaches and stuff so I have to wonder if that contributes to this. It is chilly. I want to keep going but may crawl under the covers till the headache relaxes. I keep forgetting I can take this laptop to bed with me and thus do some work as I think about things.
     NO! I’m going to stay up and get something done. I was thinking breakfast because I forgot I had met Jeff and ate at the Waffle House. Not feeling the sensation of hunger means I try to eat by the clock but not remembering if I ate may contribute to my weight gain. Hell, I might eat three breakfasts and not know it, at least not till later. I know I have taken multiple showers because I forget I had showered earlier. Then there are times I wash my hair twice during one shower to make sure I did. It is no problem being too clean but when I forget to rinse soap off and have a rash later it becomes a problem.
     What makes this so maddening is sometimes I remember fine but then have these moments. I was watching TV the other day when they mentioned senior moments. Sounds like me at 49 so what will I be like at 65?? Statistically those with TBI’s show a much higher likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. I just learned something cool with MS Word. If a word is underlined indicating a misspelling I can right click and it will give me spelling suggestion without me having to click on the ABC icon above. I hope that writing this down will help me remember it. Once I use this a few times it will stick.
     I took about an hour siesta. You know, where you’re kinda in and out of sleep. I watched the news after Cherie went back to work and would find myself opening my eyes and see I had missed about ten minutes. I turned off the TV and helped Carman find away under the covers. I think I will put a picture of Carman on the blog. I am sure there is some way to put it at this spot but I haven’t figured it out yet. I do know I can post the picture as a separate entry cause I have done it twice now. Don’t know how but the directions must be easy enough for me to follow cause I succeeded twice.
     I am still slow but much better than earlier. I know I have many things to do but I will try to just focus on one so it may happen. I could look around to discover what I need or would like to do but I have something right in front of me so that is it. No, wait, I told Cherie that I would cook dinner so I must plan for that so I can schedule what needs to be done. Otherwise I will forget. I need to cook some sweet potatoes so I will go get the other computer with the recipe’s on it fired up and searching now…
     OK got that done. Now once I get dinner figured out I will go back to my project for the day. That is to transfer the outline or map for the website that I wrote when sharp in just a few minutes to the computer. I knew I had drawn it up but had forgotten what I put down. When I looked at it earlier I was astonished at how much and what I had written.
     I have the easy listening elevator music on. That is probably not an accurate description of this play list. We have a wide variety of music from nature new age stuff to Boston Pops orchestra playing Celtic music on this play list. It really helps me when I am slow. In general my taste in music is dramatically mellowed out since the accident.  
     I really love this computer stuff. It’s a shame I learn slowly, you know, learn it till it stays. I got to use the spell correction thing I discovered just now so that will help me remember it. Here is a poetic irony. The more words I misspell the better I get at spell check. Aug…Sounded good in my head but when I wrote that down it’s dumb. The kind of thing I say in conversation where I don’t have time to think it through. Time to check the search results for sweet potatoes.    
     Well I solved the dinner thing. I won’t cook it. I love a simple solution to these complex problems. I called Cherie and she decided we will maintain our Friday tradition of going out to eat. I always look forward to seeing Cherie. Just last night we repeated the words we say so often. We look at each other and say “I still can’t believe your here with me, that we’re back together”. Every time I talk about it, whether to others or now as I write, I get watery eyes. Enough of that. Time to work on the outline.
     Got some stuff done on the outline then Cherie came home. We went to Don Pablos and enjoyed an excellent meal then came home. It is 9:37 and we are tired so I came out here to finish this entry and publish it on the blog. Night all.

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