Saturday, October 15, 2005

101505 Saturday

10/15/05 Saturday
     This is the first morning that I woke up clearheaded in three or four days. I’m still tired. We had French toast to use up the last of the maple syrup this morning. The weather is perfect outside and it would be good for me to get out. I probably should call Fred to see if he would like to get out. I am going to try and schedule this day so I get some stuff done. It seems hard for Cherie to do that but she needs to work with me on that. She is going to the storage unit today.
     Cherie just pointed something out that I corrected. It is a classic illustration of one of the anomalies with my brain damage. I had written a few sentences ago “We had English toast” so Cherie told me to read it and tell her what was wrong with it. I didn’t see anything wrong even after she read it out loud to me. Then she pointed out that we didn’t have English toast and I still didn’t get it. “It’s French toast” She told me and added “Oh my God, you write the same way you talk”. This refers to the fact that sometimes my mind supplies the wrong word as I talk. It can sometimes be embarrassing and surprising. I think part of this is from when my brain tried to restore damaged neural pathways and some of them are still short circuited. Fortunately the brain often corrects itself as I become aware of the proper word.
     I will take Fred shopping in about an hour at 1:00.
I brushed my teeth to make sure I did. Cherie reminded me I had already showered so I wouldn’t, having forgotten, shower again. I don’t know if I had but can look in the mirror to see I didn’t shave. I got fifteen minutes before I help Fred escape so got to go shave.
     Fred was glad to get out and asked me where my coat was. I told him I was comfortable and it was a beautiful day out, a good day to get out. As we drove to the Pharm Fred said “Barb actually called me this morning, can you believe that.” I resisted asking him “what did she want?” because it would not help Fred talk. He doesn’t want to face up to the fact she uses him and knows how I feel about it so sheepishly states “She’s out of a few things. I might get her something.” I kinda feel bad about making him uncomfortable but will always be honest.
     At the Pharm I was Fred’s eyes as always. Because he is hard of hearing I must speak loudly. This can sometimes be a show for the other shoppers as I try to explain to Fred what he’s looking at.
     We went to Sam’s to have my new glasses fixed. It took quite a while before someone was able to help us. The guy was trying to joke or something when he looked at me and said “You broke them didn’t you?”. I said no I didn’t break it, it broke, but he seemed eager to hear me say I broke it so he repeated the question. I had been waiting for 30 minutes and wasn’t real patient so I leaned over the counter and looked down at him. “fix it” I told him and he decided not to kid around anymore. He had the nose pieces replaced as quickly as he could and we were on our way.
     Cherie and I looked through Sam’s and she showed me something she had been looking at. She was all nervous and exploring how I felt all the way through the store. I started teasing her pointing to things like the $2000.00 plasma TV. “Is that it, I’d like one of those” We came up to a telescope that was real nice and that was it. I loved looking at her face as she smiled when I told her it was cool. I said we wouldn’t get one till we moved to Texas cause you can’t see the stars in Toledo because of the city lights.
     As we left I asked Cherie what she wanted to do for dinner and we wandered to a place called the Brew House that looked interesting. It looked good when we went in and the menu looked interesting. I had shrimp and Cherie had some kind of chicken pasta and both sucked. The manager came buy asking how things were and I said I wasn’t happy. The shrimp were overcooked and tough and the corn on the cob was mush so she took what I had back and had a new batch made for me. That was good. Food was tired and had that precooked warmed up feel but the service was correct. We won’t go back.
     It’s 10:00 now and I am trying to stay awake. Lots of news today. A group of about 20 neo Nazis were going to march in the north end where there is lots of gang activity. They had come from another state and really just want to create a lot of tension so they can get attention and thus find gullible hateful minds to mold. They did that and really didn’t get to march, just stirred everything up while under police protection and then left town. What a bunch of cowards. They wouldn’t be there at all without protection. These are the kind of people who would gladly gang up an a lone hellpess person and after beating him would all pat each other on the back thinking they had done something to be proud of. F ing idiots.
     I think I will call it a day. Good night.

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