Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2/15/06 Wednesday
I’m sick. Did not sleep at all last night and was using the bathroom every hour. Don’t know what I got but I’m crapping green fluid. This is the wrong time to fart. I couldn’t get warm no matter how deep I burrowed under the covers. I figured that if you were running a fever you’d feel hot and sweaty. I got the sweaty part down pat. When I took my temperature it was 100. I took it again twenty minutes later and it was 98.7. Just took it again and I’m back up to 100. I called Fred to let him know it wouldn’t be a good idea to go shopping. The last thing his 87 year old self needs is to get sick. I’ll call Allen later. He’s just out of luck. Headache is on the way to visit. Will take the full regimen of pills to hopefully slam the door in it’s face. Drinking lots of orange juice cause I got rid of a few gallons of fluids last night.
I think this is settling down, haven’t had to run to the bathroom and the fever is down to 98.8. Of course I have one of those migraines that put me away. Can’t believe I can’t sleep. Didn’t sleep a wink last night. Not too fast, not too slow, running about a 6 on the Bob scale. Briefly went on line but this migraine made even that rough. Cherie called to check up on me. She’s a sweet heart.
2:30 – I haven’t had a migraine like this in a while. Still non functional. I tried the TV but can’t even stand the noise with volume turned as low as it will go. I even took the Darvaset Wayne gave me for this. That’s strong stuff and didn’t phase it. At least the muscle cramps in my feet went away. I just forced myself to eat a bowl of cereal. Now it’s back under covers time.
2:45 – My temperature is back up to 100.2.
7:00 – Still sick. The migraine is gone at least. Fred, Wayne, and Allen have all called. Wayne needs food, Allen is just sucking up, Fred is genuinely concerned. I’ve been in bed all day and am going back there. Hope I’m doing better tomorrow.

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