Wednesday, February 01, 2006

1/31/06 Tuesday
It is 6:00. I thought I heard the phone ringing at 5:00 this morning but when I got up there was no message. It rang again a few minutes ago and the voice said “This is Suzie”. I struggled to figure out who Suzie was as she began to talk in a voice that was hard to understand but then I realized who it was. It was Eileen’s daughter and she told me Glen had died last night. For those who aren’t aware Glen is my former secretary’s husband. His health has been failing for years and he had become rather sedentary spending much of his time on the couch or his recliner. Between that and diabetes along with constant smoking it was not unexpected but it was a surprise. Glen passed away in his sleep.
Right now things are in turmoil and I will be spending the next few days trying to comfort her and to assist with the many issues that will arise. Eileen’s health is not too good and her nerves have been shot for years from the tremendous stress she has. I had told her not to long ago that I would like to take her to Texas to get her away from the crap that surrounded her. While I talked to her she said she might like to take me up on that offer. I know it is her grief talking but will do all I can for her. Eileen is the closest friend I have, bar none, and knows me more than anyone. Of course Cherie is in a class above that as my wife and companion for life so don’t get your shorts in a knot about my previous statement.
As I think of issues that may come up with this death there was the fact that Eileen and Glen were never formally married. She had mentioned, on the phone this morning, that someone was already giving her a hard time. It is at times like this that all the greed and selfishness comes out so I just went online to see what Ohio law says regarding common law marriage. Any relationship entered into prior to 1991 is considered to be a common law marriage if certain conditions are met. Eileen and Glen’s relationship more than meets these conditions.
I know their finances were shaky and am concerned about Eileen being able to keep the house. I asked Cherie how she would feel about the possibility of us moving in to Eileen’s house to help out till we go to Texas. She is not adverse to the idea except for what do we do with our cat, Carman. Carman is family. My mind is just racing as I think of these things but it is premature to consider all this. I just like to plan ahead.

I just got back from Eileen’s. There were many people there and more coming. Glen had a couple of brothers who drove in from out of state. One of Glen’s hobbies was his CB radio and with his booster and ninety foot tower he was able on occasion to reach California. They had the scanner on and we could hear a constant chatter as CBers spread the news that “Bear” (His nickname both on CB and in life) had passed away. There was surprise because he was only fifty four years old.
Now a little about Glen. Glen was a good man in every sense of the work. He would go out of his way to help you if you were friend or family. He matched his nickname of Bear in size and wasn’t someone I’d want to tangle with but his nature was one that was gentle and fun. As I listened to the CBers on the scanner I was amazed at how well known he was and how much he was liked. It was impressive because most of them he had never met. I consider it an honor to have known him.
Here is his obituary in the Toledo Blade. I tried to print his picture from the blade but couldn't figure out how. OK I found another picture of Glen. Not the best but it's all I got that I can figure out how to get on here.

Glen Dale Sterling Jr.

Glen Dale Sterling, Jr., also lovingly known as "Bear", passed away peacefully in his home on Monday, January 30, 2006. He was born to Glen Sr. and Vera (Bloom) Sterling on Thursday, February 23, 1950.
After attending Macomber High School, he was at Jeep of Toledo. He was also employed at Penske Tool & Die and retired from Toledo Blank in 1994.
Glen was known for being a prankster and brought laughter from anyone he was around. His hobbies included computers, motorcycles, playing pool, and most of all, talking on CB radios. He has talked to many people all over the United States.
Glen will be deeply missed by all who knew him. He is survived by his wife of 26 years; Eileen (Carter); his sons, Randy (Kelly), Bobby (Nancy); daughter, Vera (Duane), Susy (Calvin) and Rebel. Also surviving are 19 grand-children; one great-grandchild; brother, Howard (Maureen) Garret, and sister, Diana Zientek.
Friends may call in the Urbanski Funeral Home, 2907 LaGrange at Dexter St. (419) 244-4611, on Thursday, February 2, 2006 from 2:00 until 8:00 p.m., where services will be held Friday at 11:00 a.m. Entombment will follow at Restlawn Cemetery.

The showing will be Thursday from 2:00 till 8:00 and the funeral at 11:00 Friday. Cherie will take the day off work to go. Poor Eileen only got an hour of sleep last night. I can only imagine how it must have been. She had talked to Glen at 6:30 or so and took a plate of food to him at around 7:00. She called his name with no response and when she took his hand to wake him up it was ice cold. She shook and shook him and then realized her fears were true.

I just got back from taking Fred to mail his checks and then Kroger. It bothers me how tired I get doing simple things like this. I used to go full speed for eighty plus hours a week but now have to take naps in the middle of the day. The cold air is hard on Fred and he wore out quickly also. Had to use his inhaler in the check out line. Both of us were glad to be home but I don’t let him know how it sometimes tries me. It is 1:30 now and I will lay down for a bit.

Great. At 2:20 Wayne called and woke me up. “Did you forget about my appointment?” he asked. Yeah I did. Damn, it was written in my calendar and I had looked at it but as always when I get distracted things vanish from my mind. I apologized and explained that a good friend had died last night. He called the Zeph Center and rescheduled. It is a constant frustration for me to be faced with this disability. Really inhibits me from trying. Get tired of failing and failing is depressing. Depression is an enemy I don’t wish too feed. Just want to give up but that’s not good. I see that I had poured dishwater to wash the dishes and forgot. I’m going back to bed and hope to sleep till Cherie gets home because then I will focus on her and not my failings.

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