Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More family stuff

Well Nate just started a blog, I suppose to counter mine. In it he reveals what Cherie’s mom and dad, and possibly her sister had to say about me before Cherie and I got married. This is twenty year old bitterness that they never let go. This from the family that played a big part in encouraging Cherie to divorce me.
Let me fill you in on that time. I had fallen 30 feet from a tree, breaking my back, neck, and getting a concussion. This resulted in a traumatic brain injury which doctors didn’t understand much about twenty years ago. A drastic personality change is one of the evidences of this. I would become angry or cry easily. Emotional control became an issue. Now it takes the brain three to five years to come back into balance. Cherie and I were first loves and when we met twenty years later there was no question we still loved each other and never should have divorced.
Nate throws all kinds of stones, I suppose to make him look better by making me look bad. It also shows how out of touch he is about us. He calls me a mooch and talks about how I was wandering around like a chicken with its head cut off. Gee, lets look at that. I wake up from a coma with traumatic brain injury. I lost big portions of my memory and my brain freezes up when under stress. I knew I had friends but couldn’t remember who they were so was featured on the news as Toledo’s John Doe. That let my friends know where I was and was also how Cherie and I got back together. What’s wrong with that? I have no shame here. I suppose Nate feels it makes him a better person. Read his blog and read the comments. He seems to think we are financially strapped. If we were what difference would that make? Fact is we’re not. I get my Veterans pension and have been paying the rent for years now. At least I pay rent. What do you pay Nate? Just your toys and your personal pleasures while the house you live in for free is trashed. Would you be proud if Mom’s church came over? Do you know why their friends and family don’t like to come over and visit? Why don’t you quit being wrapped up around yourself and look at the others in your life. It’s not all “ME”. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Again I don’t want to hurt, I want you to grow up and be a man. Take care of yourself. If you get over this we could be friends.

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