Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here are the signs that pointed to my old offices. I suppose this would be one of the pictures they say they don't want me to take. I don't understand that kind of stupidity or whatever it is. Maybe they will explain but I doubt it.

2/21/06 Tuesday
We’re Off. It’s another day and my brain is working. I think the slight reduction of medication is having the desired effect. Just took the 100mg pill so expect to slow down a bit when the drug starts coursing through my system. This seems to last about two hours after which I stabilize somewhat. Channel 24 has already answered my E mail regarding River East. I need to hurry up and write the facts of that time period, not only to give them an understanding of what happened but to help me because this brain freezes up when under pressure to answer questions. Writing will be my way of preparing for this.
I need to get showered and ready for today. Fred wants to go to the store and I told Allen I would come by and help him fill out his paperwork as well as do some stuff around his house he physically has hard time with. Time to get moving. I am running about a 9 on the Bob scale at the moment. Hopefully the medication won’t slow me sown too much.

I just sent this reply to Shenikwa at NBC channel 24
Dear Shenikwa, Thank you for your quick response. If your staff would like to learn more about me and the miracle of my life since I woke up, both physically and I guess you would say spiritually they may go to my blog at http://walkedwithangels.blogspot.com Here they will find my journal where I record what life is like with a brain injury. My past is checkered but I hide nothing.
By the way. I understand that at one time you were on the board of Mission Toledo run by Jim Watson. He has since left town as has bee his pattern for the last twenty years or so. When I went there to teach a Bible study to his residents I saw things that raised serious concerns so my wife and I began to research his past. He was fired by Cherry St Mission for misrepresentation. (A nice way of saying he consistently lied. What we found was a pattern starting with the multimillion dollar organization in Connecticut he claimed to have founded. The fact is the organization was in existence long before he came on the scene, I believe since before Mr Watson was born. We traced his steps since that time and found a pattern of starting a mission, raising money for it, and leaving after about three years after a final appeal to his contributors for funds to "Save" his mission just like he did here. I understand Mr. Watson has now gone to Adrian Michigan where he is starting the same thing all over again. If you have any contacts there we would be happy to turn over our research to expose him. He did more harm than good and his actions caused the imprisonment of one of his residents. Thank you for your time. Bob Westbrook

I love it when the old Bob is back. Understand that the first company I founded was Westbrook Marketing. This was a marketing firm that offered business to business telemarketing as well as my services as a consultant to teach companies how to find and sell to their customers. Thus I know the power of the press and that this can be used for both good and evil. I choose to do as much good with it as I can.
This is prime time. I just got done cleaning the kitchen. My fingers are dancing on this keyboard. I have energy and am positive, confident I can do anything I put my mind to. As always I dream that this will last forever and inevitably am brought back to a reality I refuse to accept by another slow down. I will get as much done as I can while I am doing well. Time to call Fred and see if he still wants to get out and go to Kroger.
Fred said he would rather get out tomorrow when it is a little warmer. Besides that he wants to take Barb to the Trilby church so she can get a food basket. That would be a good use of time. She has to be back by 2:00 to catch the medical cab for her doctors appointment. This works out because it allows me to use more prime time writing instead of driving. Time to get to writing.

It is 11:44. I got allot written on a paper I titled “What happened?” I called Allen to make sure he is up before I go down there to make sure he has filled out his paperwork. I doubt I will be able to talk him into going to rehab but hope to at least get him some medical attention.
Unfortunately what I feared is happening. My ears are ringing and I have that dizzy loss of equilibrium that is a precursor of a partial seizure. My typing speed is rapidly slowing down. This sucks. I have an hour before I go to Allen’s so will lay down. Hope this is a short one.

It is 8:53. I took my second pill and it seems to be hitting hard as I am having a hard time staying awake. I made it to Allen’s OK. He is figuring things out and asked me how long it took to detox from the Oxycontin. I told him at least five days to get through the rough part. He told me again that I had saved his life before because he would have committed suicide if not for me. It always makes me uncomfortable to hear this and I hear it from more than one person. Beats me why I have this thing but I guess it’s good to be able to give life. I will take Allen to family services soon to turn in his paper work. We talked for a while. Allen is desperately lonely and was not even aware it had gone down to the single digits temperature wise for the last few days. I made sure he knew the rules of engagement I had set for us after he had tried to pull a fast one for a few bucks. He understands well and why. He is genuine about getting his life together and thanked me again. Enough with the thank you’s.
I am slow now. Good night. Didn’t hear from the TV stations yet. Don has lots of political influence and that may quash things. All I wanted from them is my stuff that they will throw out anyway. Not a good time to write as I may not make good sense while this slow.

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