Friday, February 24, 2006

The bank and grocery store

It'll take a while but we will be pulling up roots and going to Texas.

I stopped by the Huntington Bank on the way to get groceries. I’ve been wanting to talk to someone there for a while about getting a credit card now that our bankruptcy has gone through. Mathew, the banker who had first opened my account when I got the VA pension was the one I talked to. I didn’t recognize his face but I don’t recognize anyone’s face because that’s one of the areas I lost with the TBI. “Do you remember me?” I asked him. “How could I? You’ve got a story that’s impossible to forget” he replied. Sitting down I told him we would like to get a credit card now that the bankruptcy is done. He asked when it went through but of course I can’t remember. Just know it wasn’t too long ago.
I explained we would be going to Texas and said “Huntington doesn’t have branches in Texas do they?”. “No” he replied and then began to explain that we could still have a card through them but just had to pay by mail. Matt was real good at making things clear to me on rebuilding credit and had some suggestions I will have to run by Cherie. It’s all a process that takes some time. When he learned of the inheritance he told me a way to get credit that I think we will use. We will just take out a loan secured by cash from the bank and make payments. This we will do in Texas at the Stanton bank, or at least I think so. In the meantime we will apply for a card at Huntington. They use a different way of looking at credit apps than many. Instead of just using the “Credit score” they look at your history.
With that done I went to Kroger. I had that dizzy disorientation feeling I often do when I walked in the door. It followed me the whole time I was there but I had a list which helps at times like this. I got everything on the list and only got a few additional items. Cherie will be proud of me. I got out of the store with only spending $19.82. Allot better than the $60 or $70 I sometimes spend when I go in to buy a gallon of milk. One time I couldn’t remember or figure out what to get so I got a little of everything.
Now I need to get started on food. I’m going to make some of my Guacamole and some kind of chicken with a sesame ginger glaze. Best get moving.
(I think this multiple posting will be a good idea. It breaks these entries up into smaller bites that are easier to digest)

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