Sunday, February 26, 2006

How firm is your foundation?

How firm is your foundation? Can you trust the world you made not to crumble beneath you?

2/26/06 Sunday
It’s another bright cloudless day. We are going to the Westside church this morning. It’s more to see the people we know there than to be churchy. I am still uncomfortable there. A good example of what bothers me came up with Cherie’s mom yesterday. She was telling how a guest speaker at the Cornerstone Church she goes to was a “True Prophet”. Then she went rambling on about the “word from the Lord” he had for her. “It just gave me chills running up and down my back bob” she told me. “It confirmed a word the Lord gave me fifteen years ago that I just didn’t understand till now”. I listened politely as she tried to explain the Biblical story this “Prophesy” was based on. After a while I asked her if she could sum it up. She couldn’t, all she could come up with was something vague about she was where she was supposed to be that could be “interpreted” pretty much anyway you would want.
Prophecy in the Bible was specific and to the point. The one to Jezebel said she would be thrown out of a window, trampled into the ground, guts spewed out, and eaten by dogs. Nothing vague there. No room for various interpretations. At Westside they have a Prophetic Ministry where those who have the “Gift” gather and tell you what God is saying. During the service they line up to use the microphone and prophesy. Again it is generalities like “Get your heart right” or “I have seen you and…”. Being the perverse guy that I am I kinda wanted to go up to the mike and say something like “This is God, Y’all come back now, ya’hear?”. Of course I won’t cause Cherie would kick my ass for five years for that. All that aside, they are good people with good hearts, and have been friends.
Well, Nate read this blog last night. I am not sure if he saw my last entry cause I didn’t get it out till about 2:00 this morning. Cherie is worried but I told her not to be. “The truth is the truth Cherie. They may not like it but it needs to be said. You know me, I don’t hold anything back. Maybe this will help open Nate’s eyes and help him see himself” I told her. I know there will be fallout but that is a price of the creed I live by “Say what you mean, Do what you say”. They may not see it but all I want is to help them improve their lives, to be better people and have better lives by making better decisions. Poor Cathy will bear the brunt of this. She is as much a victim of her choices as they all are but she has been carrying the whole family on her shoulders and it is a heavy load. From my view she should be superwoman because all she does despite some serious medical issues. It keeps her on a frazzled psychological edge that worries me. There is much I can do to help them all but am not allowed.

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Catherine said...

Let's be honest now Robert, I am by no means anything like a superwoman. Nor do I have any serious medical conditions. I am not the one taking any medications!