Friday, February 24, 2006

Look forward to tomorrow

I am blessed. I get to spend the rest of my life with someone that I not only love but can trust implicitly. The miracle of our reunion after twenty years will still stir me twenty years from now.

2/24/06 Friday
Just as I was publishing the last entry the door bell rang. It was UPS and my software for building the website came. It seems like things are coming together. I still have that sense that there is an outside hand putting things together in our lives. Time to get to food cooked.
I overcooked the chicken. Cherie called to say she needed to get her prescription. I just loaded the Web Easy software and it proved to be too much for me. I got it done but now I am slow. Headache is coming.

I am still slow. Running about a 4 on the Bob scale. Tired but its early. This is one of the physical slow downs where I have a hard time walking. The partial paralysis of my right leg becomes pronounced at these times. I have to be careful and try to keep my hand in contact with a wall or piece of furniture. This helps allot for some reason. I took Tramadol and aspirin for the headache. Will hold off on the Zomig until or if this hits migraine level.

The chicken was great despite being over cooked. Cherie dished it up cause I was not doing well when she got home. I have been a little crabby but she’s a sweetheart and let it go. I recognized I was being picky and apologized. It is good to be in love. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.
There are lots of hits on the blog today. Got someone from the UK. (I think that’s England but can’t be sure when I’m slow)
I got an E mail from Bruce today. Here’s what he said;
700 new police jobs, good, good.
Doing as well as can be expected for a war zone
anyways. They are doing a real good job at killing each
other. 80% of the fire is directed at each other. But
that 20% worries me.
I love that kid. Be glad when he gets back stateside. Cherie pointed out a mistake I made on yesterdays journal that I must correct. I left out a word and it made it sound like I didn’t want Bruce to be a cop. No, I am proud of him and encourage this as much as I can. In fact I had talked him into changing his MOS in the National Guard from being a bomb loader to military police telling him there were more civilian job opportunities in that field. I know some who would wonder at an ex-con telling his son to be a cop but I’m not your typical ex-con. That will be in another book.
I’m done for the night. Look forward to tomorrow. Do well, be well, and decide well folks for you must live with the fruits of those decisions/

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