Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2/22/06 Wednesday
It is 3:43. I woke up with the River East thing on my mind. I tried to be nice and correct for four years. But when I heard that they would rather throw away what remains of my things instead of letting me come in and clean up the area while in the process recovering the few items that have value to me I understand that nice won’t work. River East’s concept of me is based on falsehoods and gossip spread by the very people who had profited from selling and stealing what they could out of my stuff. I am sure that legally, after five years, they can consider this stuff abandoned despite my asking for it to be returned or secured but now their actions seem to be malicious. I’m done being nice.I printed up 4 copies of the paper titled “What happened?” I wrote regarding River East. (I am going to print it as a separate entry in this journal and blog) I took one to River East. Holly smiled and said Hi but I wasn’t sure if her smile was real. I gave her the letter and explained it needs to be read because I would release it to the press otherwise. Not that they would even print or air it but what else can I do. Kinda like that Earl character on TV. I keep trying to correct my karma or something. What do they think?? I know part of what they think and that’s why I wrote the paper. I’m asking to pick up what to them is garbage. Why is that a hard question to answer yes. I’d be “Yeah. Come get your garbage out of here!”..I went up and took a bunch of pictures of the old shop then dropped off a copy of “What happened” on Bernie’s couch cause he wasn’t in. Then I went to the Huntington bank and left a copy for Denny, who is on the board at River East. I’d love to get a list of all the board members.
Then I decided to drop by Eileen’s. This time I wasn’t calling first so just parked and knocked on the door. I heard the dogs and Suzie came to the door. Turning just a little she said in her “I’m not thrilled” voice “It’s Bob”. She let me in and I walked back to the kitchen. Eileen instantly gave me a hug. She looked good considering what she’s been through. Her hair is done and she’s wearing make up. Not that she doesn’t usually but I could tell she put some more effort in than when she knew she would not be going anywhere. “You want some coffee?” she asked “I’ll make a fresh pot”. I told her no. Bobby was there along with Calvin and Nancy.
Eileen started to fill me in and things turned into an instant cacophony of opinions. Vera was going for everything she could, she was going to get the bank account, Social Security, and on they went. I tried to explain what the law is and what Eileen needs to do but couldn’t with everyone, which is mainly Suzie, jumping in with their opinion. I finally looked at Suzie and said “Can I finish a sentence before you start talking?”. That helped.
The phone kept ringing and finally Eileen told me she lost the blog address so we went into the adjoining room where her computer was. She turned it on and we were finally able to talk. There was lots to talk about but little time because I had to come back for the old man.
Eileen told me about Merle, whom I had met at the VOA when he was transitioning out of prison. He talked about Eileen then and I guess has been stalking her for years. I warned her that Merle was crazy (I mean that literally) and to not talk with him. I could tell how conflicted she was, one moment missing Glen and the next glad she is now free. There are many directions she is being pulled so I tried to get her to focus on what is important like getting herself declared to be Glen’s common-law wife. This is the most important thing she needs to do as it legally establishes her relationship with Glen and thus stops the crap she is getting from his side of the family. She has been getting the wrong advise from the wrong people who evidently don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. I explained several times that what I do is help people.
She finally got around to talking about Nick after dancing around it for a while. Nick (I hope I got his name right) I think is the father of one of her kids, probably Bobby. Anyway they had been in love but it didn’t work out. He told her he never stopped loving her. It sounds a little like Cherie and I. Actually allot. I invited her to come over and she said she would like that and might bring over Nick. I had told her I would like to meet him and besides he sounds like my kind of guy.

I just got back from taking Fred and Barb to the Trilby church. Dixie went also and it was good for her to get out. I made sure I complimented her about that and told her she was looking good. She needs all of that she can get so she doesn’t fall back into the depression. When we got back I fixed Dixie’s vacuum for her. After that I took Fred to Kroger. He was feeling good and glad to get out so went slowly down each isle. “That’s the deli section, those are Little Debbie snacks, Yes it’s on sale. Here Fred you like these, they’re donut sticks.” I kept the running banter as we went along. He would squeeze a box and complain there was nothing in it.
(I am tired now. Will meet Cherie at the YMCA at 5:00 so should take a rest.)

We got to the gym and worked out. I was tired and so was Cherie so we called it a day quickly. Cherie is sleeping right now and I am pushing to finish this journal. My thoughts still go back to River East. I am sure that those in charge are confident they are better people than I am. I wonder if they can see how petty and spiteful they are being. The old adage of cutting off your nose to spite your face.
This organization is hurting financially and the building is half empty but they would rather throw things out than allow me to come in and spend the time to clean it up. Perhaps they think I might profit from some of what remains and want to deprive me of that. They don’t know I inherited a farm in Texas and care little for the few hundred dollars I could make through refinishing some of the remaining antiques. I am going to Texas and have no desire to lug this stuff with me.The property of Jim Adray was already paid for and the effort I am willing to put in to finish that project would not put a dime in my pocket.
To these people the terms “Honor and integrity” are ones I am sure they like to throw around but I doubt they understand or believe someone like me can put them into action in my life. What kind of effort or self sacrifice would they put in to correct a past mistake? It’s not the mistakes one makes that are a mark of a man, it’s how he handles those mistakes.
So what is it then? Do they think to deprive me? If so do they not see how like a spiteful little child they are acting, these great men of business? I will let the world judge, the readers of this blog. Write them and let them know what you think. The address is River East Associates, 615 Front St. Toledo, Ohio 43605
It is 9:34. I am tired and need to call it a night.

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