Friday, February 24, 2006

A Glimmer of Hope

A glimmer of hope. I just talked to Holly at River East and she said she had been trying to get Don to read the letter but he is busy. He just got the responsibility to get the Marina District project going here in Toledo. She did say that Don told her I can come in and clean up but she had to find someone willing to sit and watch me the whole time. I can’t blame them for not trusting me because of what happened before. (See “What happened?) He also told her that he didn’t want me picking just a few things out and leaving the rest, that I had to take it all. I told her I would come in and finish staining and putting a finish on the mahogany furniture and just let Don have it. “It’s nice stuff and I’d hate to just let it go to hell” I told her. I don’t know but this is the only crack in the door I have seen. It is hard to do the right thing but if it was easy doing the right thing would lose it’s value.

I called Allen and he wasn’t up to going to Family Services today so I scheduled it for Monday. I’m gonna get him help one way or the other. He can’t continue treating this chronic pain with street drugs or his life will be trash. It already is.
I also called the lady at the Multiple Sclerosis Society to get Wayne some help also. There are many loose ends I need to tie up before we go to Texas. Too many people depend on my little brain damaged ass. Go figure, the blind leading the blind.
Just called Eileen and left a message. Told her we would love to have her come over for dinner and she could bring her friend also. I’ll probably have to chase her down because she hasn’t returned calls in the past. It seems calling her daughter works better.
I gotta go get some groceries. I’m cooking dinner tonight.

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