Monday, February 27, 2006

Well Cherie called and asked me to remove this portion of my journal from the blog. For her I will but I am thinking to E mail it to Nate.
Cherie just came home crying her heart out because of what I had posted. She said I was destroying what relationship she has with the family, slim as that is. She has a point. It is just hard for me to watch this family that put the D in dysfunctional. Learning to keep my mouth shut is a big part of this brain injury where I say what I think without considering the consequences. It got me in trouble with the courts and got me put in jail when I told the director of the VOA he was running a dope house and that I was going to expose them on TV. So they had me jailed for smoking a cigarette in the TV room. That’s a Civil Rights lawsuit but when you can’t afford a lawyer your civil rights get walked right over. After thirty days without charges ever being filed I was released when I went on a hunger strike. They just put me in a van and drove me to a place for the homeless and dumped me out without saying a word.
Typical for Toledo and the corruption that runs through it.


Anonymous said...

They dont put someone in jail for smoking a cigarette in a TV room. As you engage in the personal attacts against others, shoudnt you also speak the truth about yourself. The system may be currupt but it isnt that currupt. A mirror is one thing but when a man holds up a mirror and hides behind it throwing stones at the people to get them to look it is a completely different thing.
signed you know who.

Bob said...

To "You know who" The VOA is transitional housing for those getting out of prison and into society. Because I was on probabtion and a ward of the court they could put me in jail for anything they want. I don't hide anywhere from anybody. By the way the staff was stealing medication from the locked medication cabinet and if someone dared complain they were set up and sent back to prison. I don't talk out of my ass and make sure I know what I am saying before I open my mouth. Try it sometime. Might be different for you.