Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Here is the love of my life. The one whom I was reunited with after twenty years. We never stopped loving each other and still look at each other in wonder, amazed we are sharing life together.

2/7/06 Tuesday
Not a good start for this day. I woke up with a headache. It is now at the turn off the television level. I am blogging this morning as I lie in bed and ran into one of those rare blogs that shows some depth, honesty, and intelligence. It is called “reflections” and the writer spoke of encounters with some poor who were begging. It stirred up some questions in his of her mind that we should all have. It is one of the few blogs I have left a comment on as I would like to share my views on this subject.
The headache is increasing and may hit migraine level. Took aspirin and a Tramadol but will take a Zomig also. At 1:00 I will pick up Wayne and take him to cash his check and then to his doctors appointment. Hope the headache is faded by then. I am tired and had one of those vivid dreams this morning that indicate a troubled sleep. In this dream I was working a job that involved some form of scientific research and was sent with a strange little animal to investigate a problem in the huge futuristic building we all lived and worked in. My boss was a woman and I was to report on the push to talk cell phone radio but she was busy gabbing and wouldn’t break to respond to me. I finally got through but pissed her off by interrupting. I’m not big on the interpreting dreams thing. I just think they are left over thoughts bouncing around that our complex minds are still working through.
Anyway I am running a seven on the Bob scale which isn’t bad considering migraines often come with slow downs. I checked out a few more blogs and as always there are many written in other languages. I not only enjoy these windows to other worlds and cultures but find it good to have a better understanding of others though sometimes it is frightening. The one thing that is the same in all the world and what I can commune with is the blogs set up to highlight new life. Parents showing pictures and events of their babies and children. I don’t need to be able to read these. The pictures show the love here.
I just called Eileen to check on how she is doing. Her sister Vera called right when we started to talk so I talked with Boo. Boo had spent the night and is going to take her to breakfast and stuff. I told Boo how good it was for me to see friends giving Eileen support at this time of sorrow. We also talked about how death brings out the greed in others along with allot of the jealousy and bitterness that had lain dormant prior to this. Boo told me that not only had someone stolen the two hundred dollars out of Eileen’s purse but her drivers license was also missing. That opens the door to more problems as someone could try to use it to get access to bank accounts and credit cards or the identity theft thing. It had to be family or friends as that was all who were around. Evidently Vera called to come over and get some of Glen’s things. She’s not even related to Glen. It’s starting.

Cherie came home for lunch and we enjoyed seeing each other as always. I have slowed down to a four on the Bob scale. The headache is still very much present. Right now it is like I am moving through a fog. I have to push to finish a thought. This slow down is physical also and my limp is real bad. It is 12:41 and I must leave to get Wayne.
Picked up Wayne and now we are in the doctors waiting room. My irritability factor is high. Wayne is talking nonstop and when he saw me sitting here with my eyes closed he asked me how I am doing. Without waiting for an answer he started on about how he worries about me and he’s my friend and that’s what friends do. I just looked at him and said “Wayne I already told you it’s a rough day. When I’m like this just leave me alone”. Now he is with the doctor and I am enjoying the empty and quiet waiting room. Probably should have taken another Zomig for the migraine.
It is getting worse. I am home now and will crawl into bed. I keep my eyes closed to keep the light out. Makes it hard to do things. I had told Cherie at lunch that we need to tough it out and get to the gym no matter how we felt. Now I am going to have to practice what I preach. Hate when that happens. Enough of this. I’m going to take another Zomig and retire.
So much for going to the gym. I was still in bed when Cherie got home. I’m not going anywhere. Even the screen on this laptop is bright despite my turning it down as low as it will go. I’m glad I don’t get migraines this bad often. The Zomig didn’t touch it.
I remained in bad shape till about a half hour ago. I slowed way down to about a 3 and of course now that it’s 10:30 and I need to go to sleep I am wide awake and the brain is operating at an 8. I did get my monthly comment posted on my other blog. I finally figured out how to put a link in so if you want to read it just click on the link. This one is titled “Insanity is a contagious disease”
We tried to call Virginia today without any luck. She said she was going to see the lawyer Friday and I was hoping to hear from her. I’ll try to reach her tomorrow.
I suppose I should try to go to sleep now so goodnight unless I am still wide awake at 2:00. Then I’ll write something else.

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