Wednesday, February 01, 2006


2/1/06 Wednesday
If I got two hours of sleep last night I am lucky. Both Cherie and I had a hard time getting to sleep. I woke up at 5:00 alert but tired. I am still tired but slowing down with a headache coming on. I did purchase the Spy Sweeper program because the Spy Doctor one I have been using for a month or two stopped working until I would buy it. Spy Sweeper is rated number one by PC World. We need to search for a credit card now that the bankruptcy has gone through. I will call Suzie to see how Eileen is doing. That way if she is sleeping I won’t bother her. Then I suppose I should take the headache medicine and get some sleep. I also need to get a hold of Virginia to see what is going on. She was going to call the lawyer about probate Monday.

11:10 – I just got off the phone with Virginia. We had a nice long talk about the farm and Larry. She is trying to fill out some of the load of paperwork that is required in these circumstances. This time it is for some life insurance that Lee had from when she was a Civil Service nurse at Webb Air Force Base. Of course there are about 20 pages and the ask for information that is hard to find. I will look through the papers I rescued from the house to see if I can find it.
She just told me a saying she has on her wall that she likes but it is already gone from my mind so I will have to E mail it and have her send it. This short term memory thing can be so frustrating. All I can recall of it is “It’s not what you get but what you give” and the last word was Live because it rhymed with give. It gave me a good idea of something I can do for her in appreciation for all her hard work and sacrifice with caring for Lee and now being the executor of the will. I can’t say what I will do because she reads this journal in the blog.
Looking through the box of Minnie Lee’s papers I found the Civil Service number Virginia needed. I also saw there was a lot of things I probably should go through. The paper with her CS number was for an annuity that was worth nearly $8,000. The abstracts for her land are in there and who knows what else.
We also talked about my dad. (Here he is with me) Virginia couldn’t understand how a father could reject his son and refuse to even talk to him. Of course I don’t know all of why because he won’t talk to me and I can’t read minds so all I can do is guess. I know he is proud and suppose he feels I have disgraced the family name. When you base your opinion on what you heard others say you really open yourself up to coming to a wrong conclusion. I explained that my ex, Barb, was a bitter woman fresh out of the nasty divorce and had called dad with her vindictive version of events. Dad had also talked to a social worker at the hospital who told him I was going through heroin withdrawals. Beats me how you can go through withdrawals when you are comatose and when I woke up they had me on a Morphine drip which would have prevented withdrawals. The social worker had talked with Barb and had a serious attitude when I woke from the coma. Perhaps she had been in an abusive relationship or something. I don’t know but she sure didn’t like me. I have all my medical records from the hospital and there is no mention of anything like that. Larry had tried to get me to sign a statement so we could each get $10,000 of inheritance but I told him I would only do it if dad would just talk to me. I also didn’t trust my brother but basically I turned down $10,000 because talking to dad is worth more to me.
I am doing better, running about a 7 on the Bob scale (I guess the abbreviated version of that would be B.S.) The headache is still on the way up so I need to retire to the bedroom where the blinds are closed and it is nice and dark.
I went into the kitchen to get aspirin and found that I had once again poured dishwater and forgot about it so I washed them and the counter. My headache is officially at migraine level now. Even the noise from the turnpike a quarter mile away is loud and I can hear every drip of water in the bathroom. It is 12:45 now. I think I will have to call it quits for a bit. I did call Suzie a few minutes ago to check on Eileen. They were at the funeral home so I didn’t talk long.

I was pretty rough when Cherie came home from work. Running at a 4 on the B.S. scale and with a full blown migraine. It was like thinking through a fog. She fixed pizza for dinner and I was doing much better by 7:00.
I called Eileen to see how she was holding up. She was doing OK considering the circumstances. One of the relatives was bitching at her because she had forgotten to mention her two kids in the obituaries. What kind of person bitches at a grieving widow the day after her husband dies? But it gets worse. Someone, I think one of Glen’s brothers, had given Eileen two one hundred dollar bills. She put them in her purse and when she went to get her medicine out of it the next day the money had been stolen. What a low life piece of shit. If I could find out who it was it wouldn’t bother me a bit to take a baseball bat and break both of their legs. Not just once but in a dozen places. Hope I don’t find out cause the days when I took care of business like that are long gone and I have no desire to return there.
Good night.

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