Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Probate is today

What will again be a garden in Texas. Lots of work here.

2/28/06 Tuesday
It’s the last day of the month. Today in Texas Probate Court is scheduled to do it’s hearing on Lee’s estate. How quick things move after that I do not know but this is the time things get more complicated. I have been doing well lately with far fewer slow downs. I suppose that means my stress level is down despite all the family flap. I have to wonder about that. Is my stress not up there because I am convinced of the rightness of my position. Cherie tells me that the City of Toledo sent her parents another letter about the mess Nate continues to pile up in the yard. She said that Cathy would again have busted her ass to clean up Nate’s mess. Of course it may have already been cleaned. I don't know because I was told I am not welcome to go over. This is an old and consistent problem and Cherie's parents have been summoned to court for it yet Nate continues to make a mess. I know this will keep our tiff going but right is right. Hopefully I am wrong and Nate will actually get his butt out there and take care of the problem he is responsible for. This is a time I would dearly love to be wrong and I usually hate to be wrong.
Today I will write about my experience at the Volunteers of America in response to the anonymous comment from some one who would only identify himself as “you know who”. I think I do but don’t like to presume (Again because I hate to be wrong).
This morning I am to get Allen to Family Services so he can get help. I've tried to call a few times and his phone has been busy. I think he took it off the hook.


Anonymous said...

Just so it is spelled out you know who is me jeremy a friend of the family i just am too busy with all the work we do to go sign up for one of these blog things and put my name up.

What comes to mind in all this is a picture of a child poking a stick at a hornets nest to get the attention of the parent, the parent keeps saying that they will get stung but sure enough the child keeps poking the stick at it. Then when the hornets fly out and sting them they run and cry to the parents.

As a Christian we must realize what we do is contantly on watch by those in the world. I am by no means perfect and do not declare that to anyone. But we must work to show that we are not like the world in that sense.

To share your thoughts is one thing yes, a good use of this blog site. But to use it as your way to poke at the hornests nest is not a righteous thing. Pray, seek the Lord your God and listen. But a direct assult to "show them thier wrong" is not a good use or a good example.

And to give you a recent post, they were not summoned to court they were given a ticket which nate and myself paid for them. The mess was cleaned up and all put right in the yard. And the complaints will continue to mount because the nieghbor is hell bent to make these peoples life a living hell. So i ask you, Pray for them, Pray for thier neighbor, but dont impose your views of how they are wrong on them and poke the hornets nest.

Good day,

Bob said...

Truth is truth Jeremy. Yeah the world is watching, and that will hopefully spur the change that is needed here. I'm not imposing. I'm exposing. Yes the neighbor is an ass but if you don't give him ammo there is nothing he can say. The city won't issue a ticket if there is nothing wrong. Mom and dad have been summoned in the past.

Anonymous said...

You have a point in some of what you say, I will give you that, just the sudden onslaught made for a tornado of emotion in the household. We are all imperfect, growth is but one path for an individual to take, if it could just be the only path then the world would be a better place.

Bob said...

Actually Jeremy I am impressed with your spirit and how you came to the defense of the family. I never intended for the firestorm. I had this blog for half a year and just talked about what went on in our life. Then I mentioned it without thinking about it. Bam. Regardless, things aren't cool at mom and dad's but once this got out it grew. It's not what you do but why you do it. My motives are still to help change what needs to be changed so all are better for it.