Friday, March 17, 2006

3/17/06 Friday
Well today’s the day. It’s taken four years but I am finally going to be able to get what is left out of my old warehouse. Had to get the call for action folks from Channel 11 involved to do it. Hope it goes well. This will be a short entry this morning as I got to get moving. I fixed an egg sandwich and will get a shower.
I had to alleviate Cherie’s fears last night. She told me that she thought the folks at River East were scum and I explained again that I couldn’t blame them. The ones who were bad are gone. That was Mary Ellen and Joe Pena. Joe was the one spreading rumors and placing the blame on me for the thefts he was committing. He was stealing from me while he was telling everyone how bad I was. Plus I was not in good shape, what with the drastic personality change after knocking myself out and the subsequent drug use started with taking Oxycontin for my broken ribs. She wanted to take off work but I told her no. Got to go.

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