Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's good to end the day positive.

That came on quick. It is 7:00 and I have a migraine. Ironically enough it started while ABC news was running a story on migraines. I just turned off the TV, the bedroom computer (Because it is noisy) and turned the brightness on this laptop screen to it’s minimum. Took all the pills I usually do for this. That would be two aspirin, one Tramadol, and a Zomig. It will be a half hour or so before I know if that works. Usually does but when it doesn’t I’m in trouble. I think I will check E mail and shut this down to curl up in this bed with Carman kitty.

9:34 – At about 8:00 Cherie let me know that Virginia had left a message on the home phone that she had some questions. I called her about a half hour ago to see what was up. The questions were in regard to Lee’s civil service annuity. I will have to look up stuff in Lee’s paperwork about it. Virginia needed to know how old Larry and I are because that info was part of what they needed. Beats me why but that is the government.
We had a nice conversation and then Cherie talked with Virginia for a while. We are both looking forward to moving there. We talked about how things are here in Toledo and the issues with family here. Virginia has seen a few things in her life and had an understanding of things. She liked the pictures I put on the blog of some of those I help.
Speaking of that Allen called a little before I called Virginia. He thanked me for what I did for him and said he had used his food stamp card for the first time Monday. He said that he could tell everybody at the check out was looking at him so I explained that was not unusual, that it was part of his embarrassment of being on government assistance, or welfare if you will. I felt the same way when I first used foodstamps in St Louis. It is hard for a man who has worked hard most, or in my case much, of his life to accept help.

This pride is what kept Allen from seeking the help he needed for four years, resulting in his self medication and the depletion of all his resources. Allen told me he is learning to swallow his pride and made sure to let me know he is working hard to follow the path I laid out for him. That was good to hear. I hope I have saved another life. This time that of an old friend. I explained I had a severe migraine a couple of times to Allen but he needed to talk so I let him, holding the phone away from my ear because of my sensitivity to sound at these times.

I am doing better now. The migraine is still here but the medicine barrage reduced it to tolerable levels. Right now I have the TV on PBS, which has an easy listening music ensemble that includes harp and piano. This works well with the volume turned low. I went out to give Cherie a kiss and the light hurt my eyes but I would be glad to endure much more than that for a kiss from her. Enough of that mushy stuff cause I don’t want to make any of you out there envious because of how good our love is. Cherie just came in with some of the over the counter sleep aids I use and a glass of juice to get them down. I told her I was the luckiest man in the world and she laughed that gigglish laugh that makes my heart smile. I told her I was just writing about her and she said “You always write about me”. Yeah I do. Sorry folks, I’ve got it bad but can’t complain. I write what’s on my mind so bear with me. Now it’s 10:30 and I should go to sleep but am wide awake, I’m sure that’s partly because I had stayed in bed with the headache. At least the brain is sharp. I’m running a 9 on the Bob scale.

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