Friday, March 17, 2006

Long day. Closing doors to the past

I’m worn out. Have to rest. It’s 3:54 and I’m just getting home.
Cherie met me at Lock it Up Storage to write the check and give me a ride home after I dropped the truck off. We came home and she cooked up some crab patties. I am still tired and may fill in today’s events tomorrow. I got a truck load of stuff out of the warehouse. Part of me wanted to take everything but that is not practical.
There were many old projects that I had started six years ago and never finished because of all that happened. Things like desks from the civil war era that I was restoring to many other pieces of antique furniture that had been partially stripped and never finished.
Mostly it was a reminder of what I had done to myself. It was not as hard as other times I went up there. I guess I have dealt with it to a degree.
Bill Reese is the guy River East had to watch me. He knew me from years ago when I shot pool in a league. During the five hours we spent digging through the mess Bill and I talked about what had happened years ago. When I said something about the security camera’s Bill stopped and then said “It’s all coming together now. Now it makes sense”. He was referring to Joe Pena. He has known Joe for years and it seems that Joe was bragging about a place he was getting security cameras from. Bill said that Joe was slick how he framed it to hide the fact he was stealing them. Bill said Joe would talk about the “Idiot” he was taking advantage of. It all comes out in the end.

Bernie was up in his shop and we talked a bit. He told me that the VFW hall was having a Jig’s Diner and invited me to go. I did and it was a great dinner but Bernie had to go so we didn’t get to talk much. After I walked back over to his shop and took some pictures of his work.
We talked briefly but he had to get back to work. Brian came up and also took some pictures. He was someone who has a business in the building that I knew well back in the day. Brian wasn’t to comfortable, perhaps because his mom was with him. We didn’t say much more than Hi and Bye.

I’m too tired to do a good job on this entry so I will hopefully fill in details tomorrow. Figured y’all would like to hear something about this day. Goodnight.

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