Friday, March 03, 2006

Some days are hard, some easy

Some days are hard. Some days are easy. But there are always obstacles to get around. The mark of a man is shown by how he does that.

3/3/06 Friday
I am slow this morning. Running about a 4 on the Bob scale. Not too bad but not too good. It has been a while since I woke up slow. I am at the Waffle House to meet with Jeff. Just had that change of hearing that is not a good sign. Hope it’s not going to be a bad slow down cause I am out and about. If it gets worse I will go home. Cherie asked me to pick up some time cards. That is just a few miles down the road so will be OK. I didn’t have anything scheduled but Wayne may get his check today so I will take him to the bank and then to stock up on groceries. I am sure I will be doing better later. The slow downs generally last only a couple of hours though the bad ones last all day. Those are the ones that put me in bed and usually come with the migraine.
I love this Wi-Fi. I can go on line here at the waffle house. Jeff could tell I was slow from my speech. I would have to hunt for words as I talked. Being slow doesn’t effect how or what I think, it just slows how fast I can express those thoughts and answer questions.
We talked about several things. He had mentioned “brainwashed” referring to the Prime Time show on polygamy that aired last night. These people believe the one the call “ The Prophet” is the one true voice of God. This was part of a wide ranging discussion on religion around the world and how it is used to control people and achieve certain agendas their leaders have. I said that the war in the middle east was a religious war and that it would have no end.
Blind belief is the core of so many religions and is the cause for the many problems that come with them. Everyone thinks that they have a lock on the truth, they are right and everyone else is wrong. I talked of how judgmentalism was the core of our problem at Cedar Creek Church. Rick told me that he thought I looked arrogant as I would stand in the lobby area of the church. He talked to me about “Why don’t I have a job” and read me scriptures on how a man should work and support his wife. This was a judgment he made of me and possibly the root of their rejection. I am sure they thought they were “Doing the work of God” in getting me out of the church and in their zeal made sure we were uninvited from the home group.
As we talked I got sharper and Jeff noticed that my voice improved. This is from the stimulus of conversation. I still wasn’t up to speed but better. When I got home I settled down and dropped to a lower level of cognizance. Writing this has taken me three hours. The migraine is on the way so will take the usual barrage of stuff in an attempt to cut it off at the pass.
Cherie just came home for lunch. I am cleaning the oven. Unless I am real slow I can still do stuff around the house. I got the dishes washed and finding some oven cleaner have attacked the 40 years worth of crap that has built up in the oven. It is thirty degrees out but I have the windows open in order to breath with the odor of oven cleaner permeating everything.
It is always good to see Cherie come home. She said I look tired and I am. The slow downs do that. Cherie said she is tired too and had to work to keep from falling asleep. Now that she is here I can tell how slow I am from my voice. Running about a four on the Bob scale. Actually seem to be getting worse.
Cherie is better. She was real sad about all this family stuff and depressed. She is snapping out of that and again looking forward to the home we will build in Texas.

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