Friday, March 03, 2006

Growing interest

Just looked at the Mapstats and am again amazed at how many people are reading this blog. I know it’s nothing compared to most sites but still find it somehow a compliment that others would have an interest in mine and Cherie’s lives. There was some one from Egypt and that may have been my old friend Dr. Ron Charles who is in Egypt right now. He takes medication and ministers to the former Moslems who are transported to one of the largest garbage dumps in the world when they convert to Christianity. These people lose everything they own, their bank accounts, homes, and anything else and become rejects, considered to be trash.
I am getting more hits from England also. Someone did a search on Hearne Texas, where my dad’s side of the family hails from, and that led them to this blog. Too cool how this works. Today there are hits from Denmark, Canada, and one from Kansas City. I think that one will be my friends who helped me so much in St Louis when I was still in pretty bad shape from the accident. They didn’t know me, just knew I needed help with basics like food and clothes and was going to be homeless because my brother had not done what he promised. You can read about all that when I get the website up or my book written.

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