Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good Morning

 This is by my favorite artist, Beverly Doolittle. Click the image to make it larger. If you look carefully you can see a wolf in the paw print. This is her trademark. Everywhere we go we leave an imprint. Make yours a good one.

3/8/06 Wednesday
Good morning world. It is another day of sharing our lives with all who wish to watch the unfolding miracle of our love story and my second chance at life. Among my motives for this is to raise awareness of Traumatic Brain Injury. Mine is minor compared to many others and that makes things harder as many can’t see any obvious signs of it. Then they think I am faking, stupid, or have a mental illness. Some just think I am a rude or obnoxious person.

I would write and print up fliers that I would hand to medical professionals and others in an attempt to gain understanding. I quit doing that as it seemed to make things worse. It helped some of the medical folks understand my need for written communication to compensate for the short term memory loss.

However the church Cherie and I were excited to go to and got married, Cedar Creek in Rossford Ohio, was a different story. One of their pastors suggested I find a mental health agency and then sent us a letter saying “Perhaps you would be better off finding another church”. They then had the leader of the home group we were involved in tell us we were no longer welcome there. This just tore us up as we were developing friendships with the participants, or at least we thought we were. These “loving Christians” had no problem rejecting us. Not only tossing us like a hot potato but drop kicking us out. How “Christ like” they are. I’m sure God is proud of them just as they must be proud of themselves. Enough of this revelation of our pain.

I am fairly sharp this morning, running a 7 on the Bob scale. I am scheduled to take Fred to the grocery store this afternoon. I will clean the kitchen, do some writing, and maybe get back to the wood carving I love to do. I just saw a note I had Cherie put out to remind me to look up paperwork about my grandmothers annuity for Virginia, who is the executer of her will. (That is how I get things done, little notes and reminders for tasks I need to do) I better do that first before I forget. Time to turn off the TV and get moving. Posted by Picasa

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