Sunday, March 12, 2006

The days end, looking forward to tomorrow

Got the dishes done and showered. Unfortunately I am slowing down pretty fast now. Got that heat flash feel on the surface of the skin. Hate when this happens. Slight headache there but I suspect more is coming so will go ahead and take the pills for it.

It’s 2:16. I am running about a three now. Pretty slow. The slow down started around noon or so. I read what I wrote when it started and it sounds like I showered the dishes. Nah I showered myself, just am not always clear when I am slow. Need to go back to the bedroom where it’s nice and dark. Headache is there but not migraine level. That may be because I took the battery of pills like aspirin and stuff. Not good at writing at the moment. The light hurts my eyes so will take this laptop to the bedroom.

Cherie and I spent some time talking about what we would like to do with the house in Texas. It is exciting for us and also seems like a dream, almost unreal. We still are just amazed at how life turned for us both. We would have never, not even in our wildest imagination, considered the possibility of us coming back together. Now we can build a home together. I look into her eyes and am struck by their beauty while recalling how those eyes had the same effect over twenty years ago.
There is much to do no matter how we approach this project. The first thing is to blueprint the house and give it a thorough inspection. Need to check everything from electrical and plumbing as well as how the house is structurally put together.
The first job is to clean it out. That will require a dumpster and a few trips to Goodwill or someplace we can donate appliances and furniture. Then I will fumigate it to get rid of rodents and the nest of bee’s that is under the house. They may be killer bee’s. I don’t know but they have made it into this part of Texas, at least I think so.
We are going to go the self sustaining route with this farm. For those who are unfamiliar with the term it means to make it as inexpensive as possible to live there. We’re going to have solar or wind power, perhaps both. There is a possibility we will get paid for the electricity we generate. I will be writing the state and federal congressional reps to see about the many programs available to help allay the cost of this. We will install rainwater harvesting and what is called gray water reclamation. This is where all the bath and wash water is filtered and will be used in the garden. No waste here at all.

A composting toilet will allow us to recycle our own waste as well, returning it to the garden where we will grow much of our food. That goes for all the table scraps as well. They will both go to compost and the meats will be chicken food as it is generally unhealthy for a compost pit. Yeah, we’ll have chickens too. Nothing like eggs from well fed chickens. You got to see them to understand. The yolks are a nice dark yellow and the whites are not runny at all. The chicken meat is exceptional also. There is a dramatic difference between a chicken that is fed corn and scraps as well as free ranging for food and one that is raised in a cage and fed crap and hormones. Imagine that! You can call me “Farmer Bob”. Another big change in the long life of extremes. Criminal, drug addict, successful business man, homeless, loving husband, and now a farmer. It’ll be nice to settle down but I will always find some who need help and give it to them.

5:00 – I’m doing better, the brain cleared up a little, up to a six on the Bob scale. The headache has dropped to manageable levels. These partial seizures take a lot out of me. Feel like I just got home from a long days work with lots of stress. I’m not real motivated to do anything but need to force myself to get away from the TV. I think I will try to carve again. Every other time I contemplated doing this it never seemed to happen. Lost my zeal a few weeks ago when I tried but just could not seem to make a cut without causing a problem. Lets see how it works this time.

Never did carve. Cherie came home from doing laundry so we rushed to get to the park before it got to dark. Barb called and set up a time for me to take her cats in to get them fixed. When we got to Swan Creek it was closed for some construction work. Instead we went to the storage unit so I could get my electrical stuff and see about fixing Barb’s phone charger the cats had chewed.

Cherie fixed Chipolte Tilapia fish that was fantastic. Cherie never used to eat fish but she liked it and will get more. There are many areas we have both changed and became more alike since our marriage. Life is good and looking to get better. It is so nice to look forward now. There was a time I dreaded every new day and had nothing to look forward to. Cherie was there also. She just told me that she would go out to Maumee Bay and walk or just sit there and cry. She said it was a good place to cry. We are blessed and hope to share our blessings with others, to improve lives where ever we go. Do good folks and count your blessings. Night all>

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