Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday, time to bring darkness to light

3/12/06 Sunday
I was up till 2:00 this morning getting the journal done and published. I’m tired this morning but got E mails from Bruce along with pictures. That is always good. Think I’ll stay in bed a while along with Cherie. The keyboard drawer on our desk fell of with a loud bang when I was closing shop, jerking Cherie awake. She had a hard time getting back asleep so is as tire as I am. Of course I have already had her laughing this morning as I always do. Nice little tradition, start the day laughing.

Still haven’t heard from the guy who inquired about Jim Watson. Hey, 3mmMilkman, drop me a line. Let me know what’s going on. Jim Watson has taken allot of money and hurt several he purported to help. One of the ways he has worked is to get those who are in dire straits to enroll in his program. To do so they must give up all public assistance making them 100% dependant on him. Then he finds work through the churches he enlists to help him fight drug use and other moral evils by “saving” these guys. The “residents” are then set out to work under supervision with Jim getting the money earned. He doesn’t seem to allow access to his books and will always be at a moment of financial desperation. Another part of the program is to enlist outstanding members of the community to be on his board of directors. This automatically gives him the aura of authenticity that helps make others gullible enough to give money without taking the time to know who Jim Watson is and what is his history.

Here in Toledo his publicized regime of Bible study and prayer for the residents was not followed, especially towards the end. I was told that I was no longer welcome to teach Bible study there. That was when he started his kitchen for the poor after wresting use of a former restaurant facility from an existing ministry by lying to the property owner. He told me there was good money in the God business and church donations were better for feeding programs.

Cedar Creek church donated a truck load of clothing for the residents but Jim would only give coats to those who were properly submissive. When a few dared take a coat or pair of pants because they were cold or needed them he would kick them out on the streets. The fact that they no longer had any form of public assistance made things much harder on these victims of Jim’s “ministry”. I was told by several residents that despite Jim’s promise to Cedar Creek to give the unused donated clothes to the Solid Rock he threw them in the dumpster. Some of them were new with the store tags still on them. There is much more to this story that I have documented. If you know where this charlatan is let me know and I will warn all the churches in that area.

Here is a picture of my son in Iraq. Looks like he needs to drink more of the coffee.

It is a beautiful day outside. I think we will go to the park. Haven’t done that in a while. We don’t have anything planned so it could be a relaxing day we can share together. I need to get writing Wayne’s story but right now I am going to wash the dishes before the dishwater I poured gets cold.

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