Friday, March 31, 2006

Hard start. This is what I go through regularily

This mornings sunrise.

3/31/06 Friday
7:45 - This is a rough morning. I woke up slow and physically uncoordinated fumbling and dropping everything. I am pretty foggy this morning, running a 4 on the Bob scale. My voice is real hoarse so maybe I am fighting something off. I had fast slow down last night and it wiped me out. Cherie said I just went to bed and was asleep right away. Never did finish the journal for yesterday. I was in the middle of writing about Ahmed and Jackie but didn’t finish. Just stopped in mid sentence. Hopefully I will clear up today. I don’t have anything scheduled other than taking Fred to the post office.

It’s 8:40. I have been trying to fill in yesterday’s entry but am having a hard time. Still too slow. Typing is pretty difficult. The headache is coming. This may be a doozy. My ears are ringing and the noise from the highway seems deafening. Fred will want to go to the post office. That might be hard to do. There are times I won’t drive or go out. We will see how it goes. I took my seizure pill. I think I will fix some breakfast and see if that helps.

9:06 - This ones rough. I go to take a shower and end up in the kitchen. I go back to the bedroom to get my coffee cup and start getting dressed. Then I remember I was going to take a shower. That’s short term memory loss. Close to the immediate memory in how quick things disappear. The odd thing is I often remember a few minutes later as in this case.

Not good. Fred just called and wants to leave at ten to go to the post office. That’s fine because it is just down the road but then Fred reminds me that he wants to go downtown to pay his Shrine dues. I can do it but will be driving like an old man. Can’t react fast when like this.

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