Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Prime Time when I needed it. Lots done

3/15/06 Wednesday
It’s a bright, sunny, cold morning. I will take Wayne in for his lab test this morning. Talked to him last night a few times as I wrote his letter.
Wayne just called me. He was up all night cause the crack head upstairs had his TV going all night with the volume cranked again. I need to get him into the lab as early as I can because of his diabetes. Eating is important for his blood sugar and he had to fast for this. Gotta go.

I got Wayne and we just arrived at the VA. He had a rough night not only because of the idiot up stairs but also because he was unable to take his pain and muscle medication because of this upcoming lab work. His blood sugar wasn’t bad considering he hasn’t eaten but I will take him to the restaurant across the street for breakfast.

I called Fred to let him know that I would be taking Wayne to the VA and asked if he had anything he’d like me to take to Barb while I was in the area. He said that Barb had a check that needed cashing and would like to go to the store. Barb had called me last night because when she woke up she smelled gas. I told her to call Columbia Gas. They came out and told her the furnace needed to be replaced. She will call NPI this morning. That may be another issue I’ll have to address.

Wayne just got done at the lab. All they did was draw blood so it’s time to leave now.
I took Wayne to the Waffle House that Jeff and I meet at on Fridays. Mostly because I am familiar with it and have a discount ticket from the manager. I brought this laptop in and showed him what I wrote regarding his journey with MS. He made two suggestions which I will incorporate if I can remember.

After breakfast I took Wayne across the street to a place called Savers, which is a used items thrift shop. We found an alarm clock for him but could not find an answering machine. Wayne pulled out his wallet knowing what I would say “Wayne, put that thing back in your pocket”. He did but felt better for trying, helps him retain his dignity.

I took Wayne home after this and when he asked if I would like to come in and play a game of checkers I had to decline. “Wayne, I’ve got to take Barb to get some groceries” I explained. I called Barb and let her know I was coming over. She was glad and ready when I got there. I took her to Kroger and caught back up with her after helping an old guy get a cart to hang on to. Barb was in a jolly mood and had a list of what she needed. It’s hard for me to describe how she is in a way you can picture. Imagine a ten year old in a forty six year old’s body, only the face shows the wear of hard years. Barb would laugh with her unique chuckle as she looked for the cabbage on her list. Finding it she asked if the .19 price was for each head or per pound. Then she would spy something and giggling point it out saying “Look at that Bob”. It wouldn’t be anything special.

As I followed her I talked to her about the furnace problem. Evidently it had been leaking for a while because she had a headache that lasted the whole day. NPI had sent someone over to fix it but she wasn’t sure what he did to it. She needed garbage bags and I had again forgotten to bring the box of cereal and oyster crackers so I suggested taking her to my apartment and pick up both items. We buy trash bags in bulk at Sam’s anyway so I am more than happy to give her a handful. She thought that was a great idea cause she could visit with Fred. We headed over and I called Fred to warn him we were coming.

Getting there I knocked on Fred’s door and after him and Barb were talking went upstairs to get the food and garbage bags. Coming back I find Fred trying to convince her to call the gas company and have them inspect the furnace.

I’m doing a rapid slow down so I will just outline the rest of the day.
I took Barb home. I went over to Wayne’s and played a couple games of checkers, making sure he one the first one. That gave him an ecstatic boost, putting a big grin on his face.
Then I called Barb to take her to NPI and sign an release of information form authorizing me to represent her. She was paranoid about it, fearing they would evict her. I convinced her I knew what I was doing and would not cause harm.
I had to convince her all over again when I got to her place. Taking her to NPI I told the receptionist why I was there. We had to wait for Juanita, Barb’s new case worker, and I could see how nervous Barb was. Barb suffers from anxiety attacks and paranoia so this was hard for her. Gary, the asshole who I had confronted for both Wayne and Sharron as their advocates, came in and had nothing to say. Juanita came out. She recognized me immediately, which I think was good. Fact is I neither recognized her or Gary but that’s part of my disability. There was not the conflict Barb was expecting. Juanita was nice and professional and offered suggestions regarding getting Wayne moved out of S. Cove into the apartments where Barb is.

It is 4:59 at the moment. I am filling in the events of the day but wanted to make this note. Today was a prime time day and I have been sharp all day long with a good energy level. I am taking a break and writing this note because I can feel that light headedness and kind of sweaty skin surface feeling that often foreshadows a slow down. At least I stayed sharp all day and got lots done. Now back to filling in the day.

That’s all I can do for now. Slowed way down. Running a 3 on the Bob scale. I think I will lay down now.

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