Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Close for the day with questions about tomorrow

I called Cherie but am too slow to talk right now. Forgetting what I am doing as I do it. It’ll pass. Always does.

It’s nearly 10:00 now. I slowed down quite a bit. Kind of worried about things, afraid my brothers greed will get in his own way. Afraid that our dreams will fade just as we reach out to grasp them. He hasn’t bothered to talk to me about the inheritance or for that matter much of anything else. He did promise to help us fix up the place but that remains to be seen. Larry makes lots of promises but his history doesn’t show him fulfilling many of them. I E mailed him and simply said “Let’s talk”.

In the mean time Wayne called to let me know that Becky at the Ability Center had called him. She wanted to let him know she was calling NPI to stress how important getting him moved was to them. Understand that the Ability Center carries allot of clout in this city. They are a well funded non profit organization that champions the causes of the disabled. They work with all the government agencies, the University of Toledo, and are the darling of the who’s who of Toledo’s philanthropic community. You don’t want to mess with them so I suspect Wayne will find his way to safer quarters. It’s a shame I have to come along and raise the kind of hell I seem to be good at to see right done. Oh well. I will feel good when Wayne gets out of crack town.

Allen called earlier today when I was in the middle of my slow down. He was depressed and just called to talk. He asked me if I could download a song for him. I told him you have to pay for those so he said he would ask another friend. I don’t have anything scheduled for tomorrow so I think I will give him a call. I had to tell him I wasn’t really up for a conversation and I am sure that Allen will take that as a rejection for that is the way of depression.

Cherie made Chili for dinner and we had ice cream for desert. I think we will call it a day.

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