Thursday, March 09, 2006

Foggy morning

3/9/06 Thursday
Good morning. I’m not doing bad but not real sharp. Running about a 6 on the Bob scale. The right leg is not too much there so the limp is pronounced. Carman kitty is up here on the bed demanding some attention or at least to be close. Big purrs as he settles next to me.
I never did get around to finding the paperwork Virginia needs. Kept getting distracted with the common result of that task vanishing from this mind. That is part of why they say I am disabled. I am much better than I was before Cherie and I got back together. I had no real stability, nothing I could count on. One of the things that bring out my problem is change. It even took me a while to settle in this apartment where Cherie and I live. Every morning I would wake and it was like I was in a strange place. I would be disoriented till I realized where I was. Once everything became familiar I could relax and feel secure. This reduction in stress has a direct effect on my cognitive state.

Now that I am up and moving I can see that I need to revise my Bob scale level. I am running at a 4, not too good. Should have known from the limp as that is a direct barometer of brain function. I cooked eggs and bacon with gravy and the biscuits left from last night. I had a real problem making quick simple decisions. I had eggs frying and needed to juggle warming up biscuits, getting milk out, flour for gravy, and maybe something else. This freezes me up when I am slow so I had to drop everything and figure out what to concentrate on. Multitasking is not something I can do anymore unless I am running an 8 or 9. At those times it almost scares Cherie to see how sharp I am. Just a glimpse of who I used to be.

Today I will take Wayne to the Multiple Sclerosis luncheon. He didn’t make the last one because his pain level was way up. I went and had a major slow down in the middle of the discussion. Normally this is embarrassing but it wasn’t because of the people there. There is an understanding among those who have disabilities and share similar symptoms. I hope I speed up before I get Wayne and go. Pretty rough right now, like walking through a fog.

I called Barb to let her know I will take her and Dixie to the funeral home Saturday for Dawn. Fred just called and asked me to take his garbage out. He also reminded me to stop by and pick up the roast he bought for Barb when I head out tomorrow. I will meet Jeff for breakfast and then pick up Barb, Dixie, and others to take them to Pilgrims church for the food program.

I will be leaving to get Wayne now. Should take some aspirin cause I think a headache is coming.

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