Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Still in love

We never stopped loving each other. She is still as beautiful today as she was twenty seven years ago when this was taken.

Fred hasn’t been doing well so doesn’t want to get out of the house today. He said maybe tomorrow but I told him the weather forecast is for everything to ice up. He didn’t seem to understand that.
I just talked to Virginia about the estate. They have to put up a legal notice for seven days and then things are done or at least Larry and I will get letters from the lawyer. Right now I am sending her an E mail to inquire who the politicians are for that area.
I took Cherie out shopping. I told her to take the day off because she was still upset about her parents house and the whole thing with the family. We went to the antique mall and she found an oil lamp and some copper Jello molds she liked. I found some small wood carving tools that I can use. Yesterday Cherie had bought me a nice jointers plane which she gave to me as an apology for what she wrote in this journal. That caught me by surprise cause I thought she was more than justified to be upset. It was really a nice plane and she got it for a great price.
We usually go out to eat at a nice place at the beginning of each month but Cherie didn’t want to cause I took her to the Brownstone restaurant when her mom had the wreck. “We spent $60.00 Bob, that was enough for now” she told me. I let her keep me in check cause it’s nothing for me to spend $100 on us when we go out but we have to be conservative. The trips to Texas drained my savings account and we need to replenish that. Anyway we went to Taco Bell but the one on Conant sucks. They couldn’t get the order right and were skimpy on everything. Hey, it’s a quick snack so no big deal. I think I will cook some of the steaks or something we have in the freezer. I suppose I should go look and see what we have.
Wayne called and asked when postage went up. I told him at the beginning of the year. He asked me to bring a two cent stamp cause his phone bill had come back. “Wayne, I’ll get you the stamps but not today ok.” That was kind of ok but he said he needed to get the bill mailed now. I told him that it wasn’t a big deal, the phone company wouldn’t shut him off because his check is a couple of days off.
We went to the storage unit and picked up some material Cherie had there as well as dropping off some stuff from our regular clean the apartment out season. We are home now. I am tired as I often get halfway through the day so should lay down for a couple of hours. The limp is getting bad which always indicates slowing down. I’ll be fine after a short rest.
Cherie went to do some laundry. I am having a hard time working on this. Time for a break.

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