Friday, March 03, 2006


It’s 5:51. I am still a little thick headed but running at a 5 on the Bob scale. The migraine is gone now. Tired. It’s been one of those days that drains me. Cherie is cooking a chicken dish she says I like. Of course I don’t remember ever having it before. I found some West Texas blogs that I will be exploring when I am sharper.
Wayne called. His check came in and it is time for his monthly food stock up. I usually take Saturday off but won’t this time because I was not up to taking care of him today.

We had dinner. The chicken Cherie fixed was great. Afterwards we watched America’s funniest videos. We always like that. Cherie was tired and fell asleep as she laid on my shoulder. It always touches my heart when she falls asleep as I hold her. I know she will kill me for saying this but I love to hear the sound of her snoring as she lays in my arms. There is a peace, a unity, a sense of rightness that is heightened during moments like this. I feel protective, I feel like her guardian, I feel so much. For both of us life has been renewed when our marriage was renewed. I will spend my life making sure Cherie is secure and happy and when she is happy I share her joy. I suppose that is a kind of selfish on my part because I benefit by insuring Cherie is happy. I don’t think she minds.

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