Friday, March 10, 2006

Frantic start

3/10/06 Friday
Frantic start for the morning. Cherie woke up and turned her alarm off before it sounded then fell back asleep. Not a good idea. She was in frenzy mode as she rushed to get ready. I couldn’t go online for some reason with the Wi Fi so I was a bit frustrated also. Bad combination. When I fumbled with Cherie’s computer to check my E mail and blog I was a bit short when I asked Cherie if she had the blog on favorites so she presumed she had made me mad.

I picked up some stuff Fred had for Barb because I will be taking them to the Pilgrim Church for the Feed Your Neighbor program. It is important to get to this one early because the good stuff disappears fast. That is partly because they don’t supervise the recipients and many take advantage of that, stuffing as much as they can into their bags. Not unusual for those who live in poverty. Unfortunately many of them are poor because of drug use and that goes hand in hand with criminal activity. Thus get what you can, the hell with everyone else attitude prevails. On the other hand it is the poor who sacrifice the most to help others in need so it is not good to lump everyone in the same category.

I called Jeff at ten after to see if he was going to make it to our breakfast at the Waffle House. When he answered the phone you could hear the embarrassment in his voice. He was halfway to Columbus where he had a meeting with Workers Comp and had forgotten to let me know. I went ahead and ordered and got this laptop out to make this entry.

A young guy at the counter asked if I could hook up to a Wireless connection. We got to talking after he said he was able to do that while in Iraq. I told him my son was over there and when asked let him know Bruce was stationed in Mosul. He had been in Bagdad with one of the army units that got out into the action. Nice kid and good to talk with him.

Still can’t go online through the wireless at home so will do the dial up to publish this entry, maybe.

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