Sunday, March 05, 2006

A rough start.

This will be the garden in the Oasis we will eventually create in Texas. It was the garden when my grandparents were both able to care for it. Sand has drifted to the top of the fence as it does out there.

The rest of yesterday.

We just got back from Eileen’s. She was happy to see us… I’ll have to write on this tomorrow. Right now I’m tired and need to get out of these clothes cause they smell like smoke. It’s hard to believe I used to smoke and never was bothered, no actually felt at home in a cloud of smoke. Now that I don’t smoke the odor is strong and repugnant. This is the way of things. When you are surrounded by something it becomes unnoticeable. I’ve known people here and overseas who did not bath and were unaware of their B.O. Sewer workers to whom the smell of a sewer meant nothing. This holds true in other areas. People who live in the midst of trash seem unaware of how crappy their environment is. They are used to it and are dumfounded when others are disturbed when they enter the premises.

3/5/06 Sunday
Cherie and I both woke up at 4:00 this morning. It was hard to go back to sleep but when I did I had angry dreams. Did not want to wake up later. We watched a show on PBS about a guy named Oakley Hall who was a renowned up and coming playwright who had incurred brain damage from a fall from a bridge. It is always interesting to see these things as I can relate to them very well.
I wasn’t too bad when I woke up but am slowing down now with a headache coming. Cherie is getting wash together. The Sunni Moslem next door brought some blonde home for the night. I suppose hypocrites are not a Christian monopoly. He prays five times a day and always talks of how things are “illegal” for him like sex. He’s scary and just got scarier with this. I have seen this dichotomy before. It is like the Christian who says one thing and does another. He or she is conflicted, fighting a constant battle inside as the two sides war with each other. The greater their fervor the greater the conflict, mentally tearing themselves apart and becoming increasingly unbalanced. That is why Ahmed is so scary.

The slow down was a rough one. It started about 8:00 or so and is going away now at 2:00. The migraine got to the close the blinds and turn down the sounds level. I got out of bed a little while ago just to go out and give Cherie a kiss and was just about blinded from the sunlight coming in the windows in the living room. Cherie has gone shopping now and I am sharpening up. Go figure. I watched a program on PBS about gardening and that has spurred my imagination about what we can do on the farm in Texas. We are both excited about the new life we will build there. Cherie said she will be happy to get away from the things that vex her heart here in Toledo. It will be another escape for her. One she has made several times in her life only to return and feel the pain again.

I notice again that Cherie’s sister, Connie, is reading the blog. That is good and she has spent a lot of time doing this. There is six months of our life published on this blog so I would dare to say that Connie, by taking the time to read this, now knows more about us than anyone else in the family. When you read this Connie I just want to say thank you for taking the time. Don’t know if you approve or disapprove but we appreciate you caring enough to learn about us. I have four years of journal that will be published on the website I am building. That will cover some rough ground, telling of what I went through once I woke up from the coma.

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