Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another end, another day

I am running down. Not good timing. Headache coming on and typing speed slowing down. Damn, I want to be sharp for this MS dinner. Maybe I will be OK.

I sharpened up. It is 9:33 and we just got home from the MS dinner at the Old Navy Bistro. I had forgotten how good of a restaurant Tom Cousino runs. I chose the New York Strip steak and it was tender enough to cut with the regular table knife. But that’s not why we were there. We got a full multimedia education on what MS is, what kinds there are, and what research is going on and coming. There were two main speakers, both doctors and experts on MS. There were books and literature available for no charge. We picked up plenty of stuff and the two books will take some reading. Of course reading books is a chore for me cause I forget what I read the day before.

We sat at a table with Jay and Sherie (Forgive me guys if I got the names wrong) who are with the Lunch Brunch MS group I take Wayne to. Jay said “I heard you were going to move away” to me. I am astounded at how this gets around. I’m just not used to people caring. It’s touching. When we went up to raid the orderve (Can’t figure out how to spell it) table I saw a redhead woman approaching with a “I know you look” on her face. That sent my mind racing to figure out if I knew her and it latched on to the fact that Bob Thomas has MS. With that I realized it was his wife Kiki. Cool. Cherie was with me and also recognized her so we gave her a hug and talked while others pushed by us to get to the snacks. Bob was there also so we all greeted each other.

I also, by some miracle, recognized Bill, the biker. The fact that he was wearing a Harley T shirt helped. He told me that he never got the E mail I said I was going to send him. Oops. I forgot and still don’t remember that I was going to send him an E mail. In fact I still can’t remember why I was going to or what I was supposed to tell or ask him. Regardless I went and got my planner right away to mark it down to do tomorrow, explaining that if it’s not written down it doesn’t happen.

That reminds me. I told Kiki that I would send her Bruce’s E mail address and some pictures so I better do that now before the thought vacates this brain, never to be seen again.

That’s done. As we sat at the table listening to folks tell of their MS I am again struck at the similarities with my TBI. Mine doesn’t get worse, at least not now, but the sudden unpredictable weakness and confusion along with the short term memory are the same. Bob and Kiki are getting out of Toledo as soon as the can. We are all jumping this sinking ship. They are going to LA where Bob will be involved in comedy or some kind of entertainment industry. I’m a bit fuzzy on that. I know he has done stand up comedy at a local comedy club. He told me all about some of it but it’s evaporated from this brain now. Kiki evidently read the blog or something cause she knows we are planning on making the farm a self sustaining endeavor. Who knows. I told them they would be welcome to visit anytime they want. Then I got to thinking so leaned over to Cherie and said “Lets make sure we have a guest bedroom at the farm”.

Anyway folks, its been a long day so we’ll call it quits now. See ya tomorrow on this blog.

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