Friday, March 31, 2006

Good start, slow end.

I just called Wayne. He found the appointment slip and saw that it was for 10:00 instead of 2:00. He suggested I still take him to the VA clinic “Maybe” they’ll see him. and I told him to call and see cause I didn’t want to drive back and forth for nothing. That frees up some time so I can rest.

Wayne called to say he would just reschedule for later so I called Allen to see how he’s doing. He was kinda panicky and said to call him back in five minutes. I waited ten and got no answer. Who knows what happened to him.

Just as I was writing this the phone rang. It was Allen and right when he was tired the other line beeped in. It was Cherie so I told Allen I would call him back. Cherie is not doing well. They changed her hours and she doesn’t like them. She goes to work at ten but doesn’t get home till seven. “I just want to go to Texas” she cried. I did my best to cheer her up and get looking at the bright side of things. It took a lot of work to get a laugh out of her but I finally did. All this misery because Larry never bothered to talk things out.

Allen seemed unexcited about things so I suggested he just get some sleep. He hasn’t slept since yesterday. That works well with me cause I am not real sharp. Running about a 5 or 6 on the Bob scale. The ears are ringing and the headache has been working its way out of the murky deep of my head. I think I will take the headache meds and lay down. Never really did though I talked about it. It’s 2:30 now.

5:00 – Now for the next chapter of “The Cokewhore and the Muslim”. As I was resting I heard a car with a flat tire coming in. I thought about jumping up to see what it was but decided not to. Too comfortable. Later on I got up to get something I looked out the window. At first it was hard to see but “What’s that. Is Ahmed’s tire flat? Has it been wrecked?”. I went to the other window and sure enough, it was wrecked. Now I know that Ahmed is a long haul trucker and is on the road so it wasn’t him driving. That leeeaaves…THE COKEWHORE.

Earlier today Jackie was cleaning out Ahmed’s Firebird. I had just come back from the shopping trip and was carrying my groceries in. When I got the last package up I came down to move the Caddy from where I had parked it to unload. I asked Jackie how she was doing. She complained about not having anything to do so she was cleaning the car just to be outside. Fine, I parked the car and went in.

It wasn’t maybe a half hour before the cell rang again. IT WAS AHMED!!! He says in his broken English “

(That’s as far as I got yesterday. Here’s the rest)

“Bob, did you talk to Jackie? She said you told her she could come over and have coffee anytime”. “No Ahmed, that’s nuts, I didn’t ask her to come over at all” I replied. He kept on asking questions and it was soon evident that he was suspicious, jealous, and being an ass. He wanted the details of my brief conversation with Jackie. OK! Enough is enough “Ahmed I don’t like her and would never let her so much as set her foot in my place” I told him. He kept rambling on so I said “Bye” and hung up on him”.

That was five hours ago. I went out to take a closer look at Ahmed’s car. OH YEAH ! It’s been smashed. Now I call Ahmed on his cell to tell him. He was too strange. I say “Ahmed, Your Firebird has been smashed”. Ahmed didn't seem to understand so I explained things to him. When I told him that Jackie had driven the car he asked "Did you see her yourself?" Then he got on about how he was helping Jackie and said he wasn't worried about it. "It doesn't matter" I told Ahmed he needs to get rid of the girl and said we would talk when he gets here.

About 8:00 we heard Jackie leave and watched her walk to the bar. There I am sure she will do what she does for her drugs.

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