Monday, March 20, 2006

An unsurprising disappointment

Damn, the leach is back. When I went to pick up Barb she hurried out to the car and said to just give her the cat carrier and she would go get her cat. I knew she was hiding something so carried the cat carrier to her door. She was telling me how the cat had been wanting to go out all night. I suggested we take the carrier inside to put the cat in thus reducing the possibility of him escaping. No, she cracked the door open and grabbed the cat as he tried to make a break for it. “Basil back?” I asked her. “No” she replied and then tried to make a joke of it. “Heh heh” she kinda laughed “You asked if Basil was back”. I already knew the answer.

We took the cat in for it’s surgery and I helped Barb fill out the paperwork. Planned Pethood is paying for this procedure and Barb had six dollars to get it a rabies shot. With it all done I took her back to get the cans she wanted to turn in. She had a hard time putting them all in the trunk so wanted to put a bag of them in the back seat. “Freddy said it was alright if the bag was clean” she said as she opened the back door. I told her no but she didn’t like it and repeated that Fred had OK’ed it. “I don’t care Barb. I had to clean it up before in the Lincoln and your not putting those nasty beer cans in the back seat” I let her know in no uncertain terms.

She went back to the trunk and worked to pack everything in. While she was doing that Basil’s boss drove up to pick him up for work. So much for “He’s not here”. She had been giving me a long story about how his boss was putting Basil up in a hotel and he had to go to AA for six months all the way to the vet and back. The one thing I told her to never do was lie to me. Now I’m pissed. It was no surprise to find Basil there. I had predicted it would happen. That’s her business but don’t lie to me about it. I didn’t have a word to say to her the rest of the trip to and from the scrap metal place. She kept rattling on about anything that didn’t matter but I don’t really care. That’s the way it always is when you help people, especially those with drug and alcohol backgrounds. There will always be those disappointments and let downs. If one out of ten do well in the long term that’s good.

I came back and told Fred. It took him a bit to understand. He said Barb had called him and said we had argued about a box that was in the trunk. Then he asked why I had gone to a different scrap metal place. “Fred, I didn’t want to get another flat tire” I said. Fred went “I don’t care about getting a flat” with a little indignation in his voice. “Fred, I take care of your property, besides that I don’t want to get a flat as I go down the road” I explained. That mollified him somewhat. I told Fred that I didn’t like being lied to and would only take care of Barb’s necessities from this point on. He didn’t like it but that’s the way it is. He asked if I had time to take him to get a haircut when I told him Wayne’s morning appointment had canceled. “Sure Fred, no problem. I have to get Wayne to the Zeph Center at 2:00 so we’ll have lots of time to go to some stores and stuff if your up to it” I replied.

That’s it so far. I have a headache coming so hopefully it won’t be a migraine. I think I will just relax. I called the MS Society and learned what the dinner on Wednesday is about. It will be at the Old Navy Bistro, a nice restaurant I used to frequent on the East Side. The program is called from Research to Reality. There will be three speakers who are professors and medical professionals who will discuss the latest findings regarding Multiple Sclerosis. This will help us help Wayne and perhaps there will be others in Texas.

Now I will take the migraine pill regimen and try to unwind from the Barb disappointment.

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